MassageLuXe CEO Published Member of Forbes Business Council - MassageLuXe

MassageLuXe CEO Published Member of Forbes Business Council

Chief Executive Officer of MassageLuXe, a fast-growing luxury spa franchise, Mark Otter, recently was published by the Forbes Business Council. This is his first article to be featured by Forbes.

The article, How Your Personal Services Business Can Capitalize on a Booming Industry, focuses on the growing and enticing industry of a spa franchise. Personal service is a trend that is very much on the rise. The article features data like reports from the International Franchise Association, “Franchise Business Economic Outlook,” that describes the personal services sector as one of the fastest growing fields for small business ownership.

“While impersonal service has never been a trend, the rise of brands
that offer personal service is becoming one,” says Otter. “It has been that way
for some time, and the future for the personal services industry looks bright.”

Throughout the article, Otter emphasizes that personal service brands
address the big picture. It is no longer just about medications. People must
also eat more nutritious foods, get exercise, and get a good night’s sleep. A
massage has also become a necessity to a healthy lifestyle.

“Those in the personal service industry must understand how to create a
sanctuary for the customers,” says Otter. “Whatever issues your business
alleviates, chances are, it helps to solve a lot of problems, even beyond your
core mission.”

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About MassageLuXe

Founded in 2008
in St. Louis, Missouri, MassageLuXe is a fast-growing franchise-based spa
company with a mission of delivering the highest quality massage while
providing a comfortable, relaxing and luxurious environment to clients. To
further this mission, MassageLuXe also grants clients access to Repechage
facials and waxing services.

Massage is a service that improves
health, promotes relaxation and overall well-being for the consumer, and has
been practiced throughout the world for thousands of years. MassageLuXe
currently has 68 locations across 16 states and is planning to expand to 250
locations in the next five years.

African-american woman enjoying shoulder massage, lying with closed eyes in spa center

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