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Get to Know MassageLuXe’s CEO

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Mark Otter is the CEO, President, and Managing Member of MassageLuXe, a fast-growing nationwide franchise-based spa company with a mission of delivering high-quality massages to clients in a comfortable, relaxing, and luxurious environment. Otter’s primary focus is accelerating the brand’s growth. He’s leading the company’s efforts to quadruple the MassageLuXe footprint to 250 locations by 2025.

For Mark Otter, strong relationships create a strong team. He sets high expectations for his team members and makes sure the lines of communication are always open. Otter admits a great leader must be able to make tough decisions and be willing to lean on trusted sources for information and expertise.

Mark Otter’s greatest strengths are his drive, leadership, and ability to unite a team around a common goal – even during the most challenging of times. Those attributes have been instrumental in strengthening the relationship between the franchise owner and franchisor.

Prior to joining the MassageLuXe team, Mark Otter spent seven years as a division president for a national burger brand and five years as a franchisee of an upscale steak and seafood brand. He spent his early career with a national family dining brand, where he worked his way through the ranks from general manager to regional vice president of operations during his 12 years with the company.

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