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Franchisee Training and the Support you get from a Franchisor

The health and wellness industry continues to thrive in 2022. There was already a popularity increase in self-care, but the pandemic really kicked it up a notch. Many people are seeking physical and mental relief from their day-to-day activities, especially as things in the world continue to change unpredictably. Not only are consumers seeking wellness services, like massages, now more than ever, but entrepreneurs are also looking to buy into the health and wellness industry by owning spas.

One of the major benefits of being a franchise owner is having franchisee training and support. Before entrepreneurs sign a franchise agreement, they should understand what to expect as they learn the new business. Learn what’s considered standard and what questions to ask below.

Franchise Training: What to Expect

Every franchise system should offer comprehensive franchisee training. Typically, there are four parts to training that impact the franchise success factors.

Pre-training typically occurs after the franchise agreement has been signed. During this time, the franchisee will attend formal training classes like webinars or review materials such as an operations manual. Topics of these classes may vary from real estate discussions and marketing to employee recruitment.

Training, if done in person, usually consists of one to three weeks at the franchise’s headquarters or at a well-performing franchise location. During this time, the training includes hands-on experience with the business systems and management, and opportunities to ask questions and learn every aspect of the business.

Post-Training Field Support goes on for the months leading up to and immediately following the business’s grand opening. This training typically comes in the form of regularly scheduled calls with a regional franchise representative, who should be readily available to support the new franchise partner.

Finally, there’s ongoing training. As the franchisor continues to evolve and adapt its business, franchisees should expect to be brought up to speed through formal meetings and trainings. Ongoing training happens so new programs can be integrated seamlessly.

Skills That Make a Great Franchisee  

In many cases, franchisees aren’t expected to have experience or knowledge of an industry in order to be a great partner. For example, the owner of a dry-cleaning franchise need not have any previous experience with laundry. Business acumen is key; the rest of it can be taught and learned in training.

MassageLuXe doesn’t require its franchisees to be prior massage therapists or to have spa experience to own a spa. All of the training and processes are in place so being a franchise owner is simple, and the proven business plan from an established massage chain removes the guesswork. Simply follow the playbook.

What Franchisees Can Expect to Learn

This varies by franchise system, but a few things that would be included in franchisee training are site selection and buildout, meeting the brand’s standards, understanding the role of the franchisor’s regional representative, and marketing and advertising.

Site selection and buildout are extremely important to franchisors as it greatly influences the success of a business. Once the site location is approved, the franchisor assists you through the buildout, with support finding vendors from which to purchase furniture and equipment and following color schemes and design elements that are chosen by the brand to support uniformity across locations.

Meeting the brand’s standards is a must for nearly every franchise you encounter. As a franchisee, you’re an independent business operating under a license requiring you to meet the franchisor’s brand standards. Much of their procedures and requirements will be in the franchise system’s operating manuals. This saves business owners time and money, as they have a guide to follow.

Most franchisor’s have a regional representative whose role is to help franchisees improve the performance of their business and ensure they’re operating according to brand standards. They act as a main source of support from the franchisor.

Lastly, marketing and advertising will be discussed. Most franchisors require their franchisees to pay a percentage of their revenue toward advertising efforts across all locations. Prospective franchisees should ask how the franchisor supports its franchisees through marketing campaigns to ensure the process aligns with their expectations.

After the Grand Opening: Expect Ongoing Support

Ongoing support includes field support through on-site visits, new product development, advertising assistance, and technology development. For well-established companies like MassageLuXe, ongoing support looks like this:

  • meetings and scheduled trainings
  • grand opening assistance
  • security and safety protocols
  • field operations
  • proprietary software
  • online support
  • lease negotiation
  • site selection
  • marketing & advertising
  • social media
  • website development

Consider MassageLuXe

Considering the franchisee training and support you can receive from owning a MassageLuXe. The brand is the top choice if you’re looking to invest in a massage franchise. MassageLuXe is a fast-growing spa that provides luxurious massage, facial, and waxing treatments to clients across the country.

For a franchisee, MassageLuXe provides a consistent sales cycle with its membership-based business. The recurring revenue with additional complementary revenue provides franchisees with high profit potential.

To see if MassageLuXe is the right franchise fit for you, scroll down to fill out the contact form below.

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