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How to Open Your Own Spa: 10 Tips from Successful Spa Entrepreneurs

If you’ve ever seen someone who has just received a good massage and epitomizes the look of complete relaxation, you can understand the wonders of a positive spa experience. Spa experiences offer far more than just luxury relaxation, and a growing number of adults are realizing the wide-ranging benefits of massage therapy. Self-care and wellness are part of the $4 trillion global health and wellness industry that continues to expand.

If you are interested in being part of this growing trend, here are some best-in-class tips from experienced spa entrepreneurs on how to open your own spa.

10 Tips to Open a Successful Spa

From a business standpoint, there are typical startup business steps that must be done to open a spa, as you would for any business. You must have a business plan, which will include your spa description like what services you will provide (i.e. massage, facials), a complete market analysis, costs, equipment needed, marketing plan, target audience, and location. Without experience or guidance, you may encounter many pitfalls along the way.

Instead, consider opening a spa franchise. Rather than going it alone, you can avoid risks and uncertainties involved with an independent spa. Partner with a successful franchise like MassageLuXe, which offers a proven business model so franchisees can hit the ground running.

MassageLuXe is a fast-growing franchise-based spa company with a mission to provide an unparalleled experience that supports and encourages health, well-being, and quality of life through our selection of services, including massage, facials, and waxing.

With MassageLuXe, franchisees can open a turnkey business, which avoids all the startup hassles. You get to be your own boss, but still enjoy a playbook for success that eliminates any guesswork. We provide training and ongoing support, so you have knowledgeable experts guiding you throughout your journey as a spa owner. We are available to help during every step as you grow your business. In fact, we’ve created ten easy steps to help navigate the opening of your spa.

  1. Research

It all begins with research. Learn what you can online about the franchise. Make sure to visit the MassageLuXe Frequently Asked Questions page from our website, as well as our blogs to get up-to-date information about MassageLuXe and the spa industry. If you’re able, visit a location or competitor locations in your area, and experience firsthand the benefits of massage.

  1. Initial Inquiry

Once you have done some research, you should fill out our form on the franchise site. Someone will contact you promptly to give you some basic information about the franchise system. In this step, you will receive a copy of our franchise kit to learn about ownership opportunities. This will provide a big-picture understanding of what franchise ownership will look like.

  1. Review Franchise Information

It’s important to learn the process of opening a franchise location to determine if it’s the best fit for you. You will see how much training and guidance we provide as you head into business ownership versus going it alone with a startup.

  1. Franchise Webinar

This step lets you participate in our webinar to learn more about the MassageLuXe business model, support system, and strategies.

  1. Information Exchange

Prospective franchisees will submit a preliminary qualification questionnaire. This questionnaire assists MassageLuXe in providing you guidance as you further the process of owning your own spa.

  1. FDD Review

It’s essential to review the MassageLuXe Franchise Disclosure Document which contains all of the information you will need to know about owning a franchise. All franchises are mandated to have one by the Federal Trade Commission.

  1. Discovery Day

Relationships are extremely important when it comes to franchising. Discovery Day, is when we invite future franchisees to visit our corporate headquarters to meet our team and get an inside look at how our business systems operate.

  1. Execute Franchise Agreement

This is the final step in becoming a MassageLuXe franchisee. After signing the franchise agreement, we start the process of getting your spa open as soon as possible.

  1. Real Estate Search and Site Selection

This exemplifies the benefits of partnering with a strong franchise like MassageLuXe. In this step, we look at population, competition, demographic, and psychographic information in your market to help you determine the best location for your spa.

  1. Grand Opening

We are with you every step of the way through negotiating your lease, your buildout, grand opening and beyond. We provide sourcing for fixtures and equipment and have a great grand opening advertising program. You will be ready to open a spa in no time, bringing your vision of spa ownership to life.

Let’s Talk Numbers

You are in business to provide a great beneficial service for the community and make a profit along the way. MassageLuXe stands out from the average day spa, and our franchisees tend to earn higher than average salaries, with each location producing more than 20 percent in profit margin each year.

At MassageLuXe, we are transparent about our massage franchise cost and the performance of our existing spas. Our franchise fee is $42,500, and the estimated total to open a spa ranges from $339,000 to $571,000. We offer single and multi-unit opportunities for entrepreneurs. Our franchise disclosure document will go through current spa performance and more information that will help you build your business plan.

To learn more about spa franchise opportunities with MassageLuXe, scroll down to fill out the contact form below. 

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