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How the Self-Care Movement Became a $450 Billion Industry

The self-care movement might seem like a recent trend, but it’s a powerhouse industry that has been around for generations. Everybody needs to take time to rest, recharge, and do something nice for themselves.

Self-care means different things to different people, from sitting down for a moment to focus on breathing and meditation, to easing pain with a massage. It’s caring for a person’s emotional, physical, and psychological health. Following a self-care routine that promotes wellbeing allows a person to better care for the things that are important to them, like family or a career.

With people living busier, more hectic lives, it’s no wonder the self-care movement has taken off in recent years. It’s a $450 billion industry that continues to grow.

The History of Self-Care

Self-care began to catch on during the 1960s and 1970s when doctors started encouraging patients to exercise and take more preventative control over their health. In fact, it became a bit of a trend. Jogging and yoga grew in popularity — self-help books proliferated.

In more recent decades, the term self-care has morphed into a movement that’s driving the wellness industry’s success. Consumers want tools they can use to help them take better care of themselves, including self-care retreats, life coaches and workshops, podcasts, body lotions, bath salts, aromatherapy products, journals, and of course, massages and facials.

Throughout the last 15 years, MassageLuXe has been championing therapeutic massages and facials to respond to increasing demand for wellness experiences. Every MassageLuXe location has a welcoming and relaxing design to make every guest feel comfortable. Our therapists are trained, knowledgeable professionals who take pride in providing high-quality services to every client.

What Areas Are Driving the Self-Care Industry and Movement?

A common reason people are more preemptive in caring for themselves is related to the rise in healthcare costs, especially in the United States. Many people are striving to live healthier lifestyles to prevent disease, boost immunity, and avoid going to the doctor.

Meanwhile, doctors often prescribe forms of self-care, like massage, as an alternative to opioids and other medicines, especially to older patients who are wrestling with torn and worn ligaments and aching muscles.

Fifty-seven percent of baby boomers practice self-care regularly. So, there’s no question that the aging of the boomers, who have been on a health kick for decades, has facilitated the rise of the self-care movement, inspiring Generation X and millennials to have an interest in proactive health measures.

The Future of Self-Care

It’s unlikely that the self-care industry is going anywhere. As people continue to shift their mindset from “luxury” to “essential wellness,” the market is only going to continue to grow. It’s important to realize that self-care is subjective — what may work wonders for one person may not work at all for another. When considering the self-care industry, think about the products or services you want to offer. Having a diverse set of options for your guests will help you retain a larger customer base.

When you invest in a MassageLuXe spa franchise, you’re buying a business model that offers a wide range of services, including Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology Massage, and Trigger Point Massage. MassageLuXe spas also offer guests facials and waxing services.

Founded in 2008 in St. Louis, Missouri, MassageLuXe is a fast-growing franchise company with a mission to provide guests an unparalleled experience supporting and encouraging health, well-being, and quality of life. MassageLuXe has successful franchises in booming markets across the country and is planning to expand to 250 locations in the next five years.

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