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Spa Marketing: 20 Fresh Ideas to Drive Revenue

Owning a successful spa business these days means knowing how to market or promote yourself for brand awareness. You want prospective clients to learn about the products and services you offer. You’ve got to let consumers understand what sets you apart from the competition. To keep up with the trends heading into 2022, the watchword is digital. A strong online presence will drive revenue. 

There are some effective spa marketing ideas to incorporate, including reoccurring revenue strategies, loyalty programs, and social media to promote engagement with your target customers. 

 Here are 20 spa marketing strategies that you should consider implementing in the new year to stand out from the competition.  

20 Spa Marketing Strategies to Increase Profit 

  1. Paid Media

The quick driver of traffic requires an up-front investment. Placing digital ads on social media platforms and search engines will drive traffic to your door. You can also use these tactics to retarget people who have considered doing business with you in the past. Ordinarily, it would be advised to retarget or remarket your brand using cookies — attaching a unique pixel code that revisits someone who looked at your website. It usually presents itself as a pop-up as the consumer browses.  

This is a critical analytic used to convert potential clients. But it’s going away. Google announced it will end third-party cookies as we know it due to consumer privacy pushback. Although the date is scheduled for 2023, it is a tool you should be less dependent on since it will be changing soon, but you can still utilize this instrument for the remainder of 2022. It is expected that Google will come up with a more balanced approach for marketers after further analysis.  

  1. Social-Media  

Social media is an effective marketing tool for businesses because when platforms are used correctly, you have the distinct opportunity to get your brand message in front of a myriad of potential consumers. There are always new features being added, so it’s crucial to keep up with the trends to stay current and utilize the messaging effectively. Remember, different platforms are used by different audiences. While Gen Z consumers are reachable on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram Reels, Gen Xers and Boomers may be more likely to use Facebook and Pinterest.  

  1. Influencers

According to Inc., influencer marketing is still a viable option for businesses and is expected to grow to $15 billion next yearA change you will see is that businesses will be utilizing micro-influencers, or people with 10,000 to 50,000 followers, as opposed to macro-influencers, those with as many as a million followers. Micro-influencers are less expensive and can pinpoint reach to specific audiences.   

  1. Online Reviews 

Google My Business and Yelp, in some areas, are valuable tools to use to have people identify and locate you. It will also allow you to generate customer reviews. We live in an age when people want to express themselves. Businesses can use that to their advantage. You can ask current clients to leave a review of their services as they leave your spa and encourage the reviews with incentives like an upgraded service or add-on. 

  1. Word of Mouth

Your customers can be your largest promoters! If your clients are agreeable, encourage them to take a selfie in an area you created in your spa lobby that places your spa brand sign front and center. Clients are asked to share their selfie on social media, getting the word out about the great service they received at your spa. Be sure and create a dedicated hashtag. This is great, free, word-of-mouth advertising. You can incentivize this, too, by offering a free gift to anyone who posts the selfie, tags the spa, or gets a certain number of likes. 

  1. Email Marketing  

Email marketing is cost-effective and is a great way to reach your current and future customers. There are a lot of rules and regulations around email marketing, so make sure to partner with a reputable email marketing platform to ensure that you are sending emails correctly. Email marketing should be part of your marketing strategy as it helps to keep clients updated on events, new specials, new products, and exclusive deals. 

  1. Memberships

One of the most difficult things about owning a small business is revenue stability. Membership programs are a great way to stabilize your revenue. The recurring revenue model guarantees you money coming in every month, typically through a monthly membership on a client’s credit card.  

Another bonus is that consumer trends show people enjoy being part of something exclusive. That sense of belonging increases customer loyalty and retention. Not only can you focus on customer retention, making your current client list feel valued and appreciated through exclusive offers, it’s a good introduction to your brand when obtaining new clients.  

  1. Referrals

One of the most constructive ways to gain customers is to incentivize current clients to bring in new business. You can use email or social media to increase clientele, but why not use the resources in front of you? Customers are much more likely to engage with a business where they know a trusted friend or family member has had a good experience.  

  1. Birthday Program

Everyone likes receiving gifts on their birthday. Giving a free service or add-on as your personal birthday or holiday gift to a client makes them feel special and valued. It’s a great marketing strategy for customer retention and cost very little.  

Computer software can automatically set up a happy birthday message to clients via email. Along with your good wishes comes a discount or free service during their next visit.  

  1. Giveaways 

Giveaways are a great opportunity to gain engagement in person or on social media and build a potential client list, thus growing your email list. Giveaways are a minimal cost for an impactful payoff. For example, you ask for sign-ups, with a chance to win a free massage. The massage service you provide is cost-effective, as the payout may gain you hundreds of email addresses that you can use in later campaigns.  

  1. Upsell

Marketing isn’t just about bringing new clients in the door. It’s also about increasing the basket size of the clients who have engaged with you. Giving away samples or talking about complimentary services while with a client is a great way to increase the business that you are receiving from an individual.  

If you are a membership-based spa, you could remind customers about upgrading to a higher membership for better services at a good price. Maybe they never thought about other services or upgrades, but your invitation makes it easier for them to try something new. 

  1. GiftCards  

Gift cards raise brand awareness and grow sales. Adding gift cards to your marketing strategy keeps clients returning. First, its prepaid revenue. Customers see it as a perfect gifting option, especially for someone difficult to shop for. In this age of self-care and health and wellness, giving someone the gift of a massage, for example, is a thoughtful and appreciated surprise. As a spa, you must capitalize on that through proper promotion.  

  1. Packages

If your spa provides several services, like massages, facials, and waxing, for example, wrap that all up into special packages, which are very appealing to clients and give you higher volume sales. Packages appear to be financially beneficial to clients, give them a chance to try new offerings that they may not have otherwise used, and are great points of sales during high gift seasons like the holidays.  

  1. Add-Ons

Massage and facial services provide a lot of opportunity to upgrade an experience with an add-on. Consider pairing services with aromatherapy, foot scrubs, facial masks, and similar enhancements. Most spas charge extra for the add-ons a client selects and many times these add-ons correlate to in-spa product offering the client can then take home.   

  1. Online Booking

You may have some clients who want to call your spa to book your appointment; others want the ease and convenience of booking online or through an app. Provide both options to maximize the customer experience. Convenience is the name of the game.   

  1. Strong Website

People’s attention spans are mere seconds nowadays. So, to capture their attention, you need a professional, well-planned, and eye-catching website with simple, easy-to-read information. Provide a description of who you are and the services you offer. Make clicks and engagement easy to follow. Provide online booking, key differentiators about your business, and a way to reach you. Face it, everyone wants to look at a shiny new car, so make them want to look at your shiny website with bright graphics and clear directions.   

  1. Cause Marketing

More and more companies are aligning with non-profits or a cause because socially responsible consumers are looking for like-minded companies to do business with. If you are a spa, for example, that stands behind a particular charity, or you use eco-friendly products, it’s important to let clients know that. You can promote yourself through website blogs, videos, email campaigns, or signs in the spa. You can get your clients involved in charity fundraisers, making them feel good because they are a part of positive change.  

  1. Community Engagement

There’s so much discussion about being a digital society that interpersonal communication is often lost in the mix. Spa services like massages, facials, and waxing are trusted services. Client experience is number one when it comes to marketing your spa. It’s important to be hands-on in the community. Become engaged in community events like bridal shows. You can host a charity event or maybe give 10-minute stress-relieving massages to teachers at a local elementary school during teacher appreciation week. These are all opportunities to be seen in the community. 

  1. Traditional Marketing 

There is nothing wrong with traditional marketing as part of your overall plan. This could include trying to get media attention from newspapers, TV, and radio. It could be in the form of paid ads or free publicity surrounding a particular event involving your spa. The media will be looking for a news-worthy hook that will not look like a commercial but, instead, as effective information for listeners, viewers, and readers.  

  1. Be the Expert

To have your brand stand out among the competition, tout yourself as the expert in what you do. If you are a massage spa, your messaging needs to make you look like the authority. You need to discuss the wellness aspects of massage and how good it is for stress reduction. When you appear to be a specialist in your field, you gain valuable credibility with prospective and current clients. This makes the public see you as a master of your craft and builds consumer confidence. When a client is trying to decide between you and the competition, odds are they want to invest their money wisely and seek out the best.  

 Marketing Through Franchising  

Partnering with a spa franchise like MassageLuXe has many advantages because it helps simplify marketing. Unlike an independently owned spa, partnering with a franchise allows you to utilize a strong business model with a proven marketing plan to ensure your success.  

MassageLuXe is a growing spa franchise with a highly recognizable and respected name in the spa industry. This brand awareness affords you, the franchisee, great advantages in marketing your location. 

We do the heavy lifting when it comes to marketing strategy and implementation. We create a custom fit marketing plan that works in your community and speaks to your prospective clients.  

Your franchise directly benefits from lower marketing costs and increased marketing reach. 

Having a plan of action at your fingertips takes that off your list and allows you to focus on your business and customers.  

To learn more about spa franchise opportunities with MassageLuXe, scroll down to fill out the contact form below. 

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