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Upscale Services: Best Methods to Market to High-End Clients

Offering upscale services at your massage spa franchise is a great way to attract clients. Not only do clients want to feel pampered — they want to know they are getting the best treatment possible.

MassageLuXe offers upscale services with its specialty massages and VIP facials. However, marketing for upscale services is different than marketing for standard services. Franchise owners need to understand the luxury market to attract high-end customers.

Luxury Marketing Strategies

Your marketing strategy needs to adapt to sell upscale services. Reach more clients with these eight luxury marketing strategies that deliver high-end results.

  1. Tout professional training – It’s okay to brag when you’re marketing upscale services! Clients want to know that the spa professionals performing these treatments and services have the most up-to-date training. MassageLuXe employs skilled, certified massage therapists and estheticians with professional training.
  2. Follow trends – It’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest spa trends if you want to offer upscale services for your clients. High-end clients want to try trendy treatments, but they depend on spa professionals to guide them on what is worth their time and money.
  3. Social media – Don’t be afraid to share videos and pictures about the latest trends on social media. Share different posts about the variety of upscale services your spa offers. This includes encouraging loyal clients to post, too, and tagging your spa with a glowing selfie after their treatment.
  4. Create an upscale atmosphere – The more luxurious your spa looks and feels, the more it will entice high-end clients to come back. Keep the space clean, and make sure it is relaxing and inviting. MassageLuXe franchise executives will help new owners design their spa space to ensure it matches the high-end feel of the brand.
  5. Memberships – Offering spa memberships is a great way to market upscale services. It makes clients feel as though they are part of an exclusive club. Memberships also invite loyalty, and it allows clients to pay for more services upfront. MassageLuXe offers various membership levels, and clients can customize their memberships to suit their needs.
  6. Gift certificates – When you offer gift certificates, you are encouraging loyal customers to spread the word about the upscale services your spa offers to their friends. A MassageLuXe gift card allows the gift-giver to feel confident that the recipient will love their luxurious gift. This brings more customers into the spa (and they are likely to spend more money than what is on the card).
  7. Add-ons – Aromatherapy makes a customer’s experience feel much more luxurious, as does any other add-on to the already pampering services MassageLuXe offers. Clients coming in for a massage at MassageLuXe can also get a foot scrub, a hot stone massage, or a scalp treatment. Clients receiving a facial can add on various types of treatments. Suggest an upgrade during each appointment or suggest an add-on at the client’s next visit.
  8. Offer upscale services – The number one way to attract high-end customers is simply to offer upscale services. These are inherent when you own a MassageLuXe franchise. MassageLuXe relies on a team of experts to stay on top of the latest trends in beauty and spa care to make sure each location delivers these upscale services to their clients. MassageLuXe offers a selection of facial and waxing treatments that utilize Repechage’s world-renowned skincare solutions and home-care regimens. In addition to standard massages, like Swedish or deep tissue, MassageLuXe offers specialty massages (like sports and trigger point massages).

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