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Which Wax Center Franchise Is Right for You?

The personal care industry is booming, according to Statista. The beauty and personal care market worldwide is projected to generate $646.20 billion, with an annual growth rate of 3.33%  globally through 2028. With the newfound emphasis on self-care, a wax center franchise offers promising opportunities for entrepreneurs. This guide delves into the intricacies of four major wax center franchises: Waxing the City, European Wax Center, Radiant Waxing, and MassageLuXe, providing essential insights to make an informed decision.

Wax Center Franchise Overviews

  • Waxing the City franchise: Hailing from Minnesota, this brand has expanded its franchise operations since 2010 and currently boasts over 100 locations across the U.S., as reported by Entrepreneur. They equip franchise owners with comprehensive training, including 15-25 hours of practical, on-the-job instruction complemented by 24 hours of in-depth classroom training. Additionally, they provide robust marketing and continuous support to ensure franchise success. Their extensive range of waxing services encompasses Brazilian waxes, facial hair removal, body waxing, and specialized treatments such as eyebrow tinting, lash lifts, and skin rejuvenation techniques.


  • European Wax Center franchise: Established in 2006 and based in Texas, this well-recognized brand operates over 1,000 centers across the country. They offer an extensive training program for new franchise owners, consisting of 125 hours of hands-on, on-the-job training coupled with 35 hours of classroom learning, as highlighted by Entrepreneur. The brand mandates that owners actively operate their franchises, as absentee ownership is not allowed. Their service offerings include a variety of waxing options such as Brazilian, brow, body, and facial waxing, with certain locations in New York also providing laser hair removal services.


  • Radiant Waxing franchise: Radiant boasts 71 franchise locations nationwide, having initiated its franchising journey in 2013 with central operations based in Colorado. This establishment is distinguished as a Brazilian wax franchise, offering specialized services including manzilian, bikini, body, and facial waxing to cater to a wide range of client needs. According to Entrepreneur, Radiant equips its franchise owners with approximately 16 hours of classroom training to ensure they’re well-prepared to meet the brand’s standards and client expectations.


  • MassageLuXe: While we are widely recognized for our exceptional massage services, we have also established ourselves as a notable body-waxing franchise, offering services that eliminate unwanted hair within a serene atmosphere. We offer both facial and body waxing with an Artisan Seaweed wax infused with select sea plants to sooth, heal and calm the skin. This wax is designed to provide smooth results while minimizing discomfort and redness, thanks to its zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and vitamin E content.


Franchising for 16 years, with nearly 100 locations across the country, we embrace a holistic approach to health and wellness. Our spas offer an extensive array of self-care services designed to foster well-being, including massages, facials, and comprehensive body and facial waxing treatments. Incorporating waxing services into our menu of services not only enhances our existing offerings but also opens additional revenue channels for our franchisees, enriching the overall customer experience and business growth potential.

Wax Center Franchise Cost Comparison

There’s nothing like seeing a side-by-side comparison to determine financial commitments when becoming a franchise owner. Here’s a look at European Wax Center, Radiant Waxing, MassageLuXe and Waxing the City franchise costs. 

  Waxing the City  European Wax Center  Radiant Waxing MassageLuXe
Franchise Fee $42,500 $45,000 $50,000 $42,500
Initial Investment $310,801-$540,613 $396,600-$554,950 $358,339-$525,059 $414,700-$768,000
Net Worth Requirement $350,000 $1,000,000 $600,000 $300,000
Cash Requirement $150,000 $500,000 $100,000 $125,000
Royalty Fee 6% 6% 6% 6%


*Source: Entrepreneur

 Breaking Down the Costs

Considering Waxing the City, European Wax Center, and Radiant Waxing focus solely on waxing, their setup costs align closely with those of MassageLuXe. Although remember, MassageLuXe offers a more comprehensive investment, providing three spa services under one roof, making it an attractive competitor.

For franchise owners, the diverse service offerings of massages, facials, and waxing, along with a membership model, ensure diversified revenue streams and steady income. The model supports rapid business growth, with franchisees often seeing early profit due to expanding services, product sales, and effective grand opening marketing, ensuring a robust start with numerous prospects and members eager to engage in self-care.

Aligning with Personal Goals

Deciding whether you want to invest in a niche-focused wax center franchise or one with diversified offerings requires a careful alignment of your personal and professional goals. It's a commitment that extends beyond a mere business transaction; it's a step toward realizing your aspirations, whether that's achieving financial independence, pursuing a passion, or seeking a better work-life balance.

Consider how the franchise's values align with your own, the support and growth opportunities it offers, and whether it positions you to meet your long-term objectives. Ultimately, choosing the right franchise is about finding a pathway that resonates with your vision for the future, blending your personal desires with your professional ambitions for a fulfilling entrepreneurial journey.

MassageLuXe: More Than a Wax Center Franchise

With the massage industry in the U.S. valued at $19 billion, according to IBISWorld research, MassageLuXe aims to establish each franchise as a pivotal, successful business. Purchasing a MassageLuXe spa grants you a protected territory under your franchise agreement, ensuring exclusive operating rights in your area. We encourage growth by offering favorable terms for franchisees interested in opening multiple locations, either immediately or after establishing their first spa. This approach has led many franchisees to own several locations.

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