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7 Beauty Industry Trends for 2024

The beauty and wellness industry is continuously evolving, driven by technological advancements and changing consumer preferences. As we approach 2024, several beauty industry trends stand out, shaping the future of the industry. Understanding these shifts is crucial for prospective investors, especially those considering diving into the beauty franchise realm. 

 Trending in the Beauty Industry

The beauty and wellness sectors have witnessed consistent growth over the years. Currently, the Beauty and Personal Care market stands at a staggering $97.81 billion and is projected to grow at an annual rate of 2.43% until 2028. Within this market, personal care dominates, with the U.S. leading in market share.  

 Many investors are recognizing the potential of this industry, drawn by the rising emphasis on self-care and the desire to both look and feel good. However, it's essential to note that the landscape is competitive, making the journey of starting a business from the ground up quite daunting. Instead, aligning with a well-known and trusted franchise might be a strategic move. Continue reading to discover beauty industry trends and the advantages of joining forces with a franchise like massage therapy industry leader MassageLuXe. 


  1. Personalized beauty and skincare: Personalization is no longer just a luxury; it's a necessity in the beauty sector. Brands are leveraging advanced technology, AI, and virtual reality to offer products tailored to individual skin types, concerns, and preferences. Tailored skincare regimens and personalized makeup shades are becoming increasingly popular, promising optimal results for every individual.
  2. Genetic-based products: As the demand for tailor-made beauty solutions intensifies, genetic testing kits, crafted exclusively for cosmetic insights, are rising in popularity. These kits, increasingly accessible online, delve deep into an individual's DNA to pinpoint genetic indicators linked to concerns such as skin aging, pigmentation discrepancies, or predispositions to hair thinning. Armed with this personalized genetic data, consumers are then guided towards beauty products formulated to address their unique genetic makeup. 
  3. Holistic wellness emphasis: The beauty industry is not just about looking good; it's about feeling good. An increased emphasis on holistic health underscores the interconnectedness of physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual well-being. Services like massage therapy, which cater to overall wellness, are witnessing a surge in demand. MassageLuXe, for instance, is a health and beauty franchise that recognizes this trend, offering therapeutic massages that foster relaxation and holistic health.
  4. Eco-friendly products and sustainable practices: As environmental concerns rise; consumers are gravitating toward eco-friendly products and sustainable brands. The demand for natural, organic, and cruelty-free products is higher than ever, with beauty brands emphasizing ethical sourcing, safety, and sustainable packaging.
  5. Growth of the body waxing industry: Smooth, hair-free skin has long been a consistent beauty standard, and the waxing industry is expanding to meet this demand. With advancements in pain-free wax formulations and swift procedures, the segment promises lucrative growth, with many opting for monthly waxing routines.
  6. Skin care industry beyond the face: While facial skincare has always been of high importance to consumers, many people are now focusing on body care routines as well. Brands are offering body-specific serums, masks, and exfoliators, ensuring comprehensive skin care.
  7. Mental health and beauty intersection: The acknowledgment that mental well-being and beauty are intertwined is becoming mainstream. Brands are focusing on products and services that offer mind-body connections like relaxation, stress relief, and mental rejuvenation. Services like massage therapy, spa treatments, and relaxation routines play a pivotal role in this convergence. 

Beauty Industry Trends Meeting Consumer Demand 

Whether for outward beauty or the beauty found within, the growth trajectory of segments like waxing, massage therapy, and skincare is impressive. The waxing industry is booming, with consumers seeking efficient, long-lasting hair removal solutions. With an emphasis on personal hygiene and aesthetics, regular waxing appointments are becoming the norm, making it a sustainable business model. 

 Massage therapy, now a $19 billion industry here in the U.S. is a part of the holistic wellness trend that is not designed merely for stress relief but physical healing as well. Beyond the evident physical benefits of massage, like reduced muscle tension and improved circulation, are the intangible benefits: stress reduction, mental relaxation, and improved sleep quality. Franchises like MassageLuXe are tapping into this demand, ensuring customers receive customized services that cater to both physical and mental well-being. 

 Skincare industries are expanding their horizons, with a focus on innovative products that cater to specific needs. Anti-pollution skincare, age-defying solutions, and niche skincare tools are gaining popularity, and brands are continuously researching to stay ahead of the curve. 

Going to the spa is a popular way to relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life.  

 In 2022, the spa industry in the U.S. was worth an estimated $20.1 billion, and growing — making this an opportune moment for prospective investors to be part of the burgeoning beauty and wellness industry. The beauty industry trends underline a shift toward customized and holistic beauty solutions. Investing in a beauty franchise like MassageLuXe offers a chance to be part of an industry with not only profit potential but also one that contributes to the individual well-being of people in your community. 

 MassageLuXe is dedicated to advancing the health and wellness of our clients through consistent services. Although the experiences at MassageLuXe are undoubtedly luxurious, we equally emphasize the profound benefits of massage therapy and the importance of proper skin care. For you as a franchise owner, being part of the MassageLuXe brand means owning a turnkey business where you can be the boss with the support of franchise industry leaders to help you along the way. You can tap into a network of other franchisees and scale your business and your profit potential.  

 If you want to hear more about our model and offerings, request franchise info and we will be in touch.  

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