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Multi-Unit Franchise: 7 Tips for Owning Multiple Locations

Expanding a portfolio by owning multiple franchises can be an exhilarating step for any ambitious entrepreneur. Not only does it offer the opportunity to generate increased revenue, but it also allows for the establishment of a stronger brand presence. It’s a popular form of growth for ambitious entrepreneurs; in fact, FRANdata research shows multi-unit franchise owners were in charge of 54% of all franchise units as of 2019. Most brands offer multi-unit ownership options, but the best franchises for multi-unit ownership are well-established brands that have a robust growth record. Before leaping into multi-unit franchise ownership, consider the following insights. 

Pros and Cons of Multi-Unit Franchise Opportunities 

Pros of Multi-Unit Development

Economies of scale: Owners of multiple franchise locations benefit from cost efficiencies. For example, buying inventory in bulk for several locations can result in significant savings. Similarly, advertising spend becomes more effective when a single campaign can promote multiple outlets within the same region. 

Diversification of risk: Diversification is a fundamental investment strategy that applies to franchise ownership as well. Operating multiple units spreads the risk across different locations, which can safeguard an owner’s investment if one unit underperforms. 

Enhanced brand presence: Having several locations amplifies brand visibility and market penetration. A widespread presence reinforces brand recognition, potentially increasing the customer base across all units. 

Cons of Owning Multiple Franchises 

Increased complexity: Managing one franchise is demanding; overseeing several can be downright daunting. Multi-unit ownership brings complexity to operations, staffing, and management, requiring a robust system to handle the intricacies of running multiple businesses. 

Higher initial investment: The financial outlay for opening multiple franchise units can be considerable. Although there may be discounts for purchasing additional franchises, the initial investment remains substantial and may present a barrier to entry for some prospective owners. 

Potential for overextension: There's a risk of spreading oneself too thin. The time, energy, and resources needed to maintain the standards of the franchise brand can become overwhelming, possibly leading to a decline in service quality or business performance. 

Tips for Multi-Unit Franchise Operators 

  1. Standardize operations: Successful multi-unit owners establish standardized operating procedures. For a wellness-focused franchise like MassageLuXe, ensuring consistent quality and service across all locations is crucial. Standardization simplifies training, maintains quality, and ensures every client receives the same brand experience, irrespective of the location.
  2. Invest in technology: Technology is a multi-unit owner’s ally. From inventory management systems to customer relationship management (CRM) tools, leveraging technology streamlines operations and provides real-time data to make informed decisions. For example, implementing a centralized booking system allows customers to schedule services at any location, enhancing convenience and efficiency.
  3. Foster leadership within: An owner cannot be in multiple places at once, so identifying and nurturing leaders within the organization is crucial. Developing a team of competent managers for each location ensures that the brand’s high standards are upheld and that day-to-day operations run smoothly without the owner's constant oversight.
  4. Maintain consistent branding: Brand consistency is key in multi-unit franchises. Everything from the marketing materials to the staff uniforms should reflect the brand’s standards. For MassageLuXe, this means ensuring that the ambiance, service offerings, and customer experience are sustained across all locations.
  5. Keep a close eye on finances: Multi-unit ownership requires diligent financial oversight. It’s vital to monitor the financial health of each unit. Keeping track of cash flow, managing debt wisely, and being prepared for unforeseen expenses are all practices that keep a multi-unit operation financially sound.
  6. Prioritize communication: Effective communication between the franchise owner, managers, and employees across all locations helps to identify and resolve issues promptly. Regular meetings, newsletters, and a shared digital communication platform can keep everyone aligned with the company's goals.
  7. Embrace local marketing initiatives: While maintaining brand consistency, it’s beneficial to tailor marketing efforts to the local demographics of each unit. Engaging with the community, local advertising, and personalized promotions can endear each MassageLuXe location to its neighborhood, driving local traffic and building a loyal customer base.

Franchising with MassageLuXe

The potential for amplified earnings and a commanding market presence makes multi-unit ownership a tantalizing prospect. However, it’s important to carefully weigh the pros and cons before investing and to make sure the brand you’re considering is a good fit. At MassageLuXe, our franchise owners are dedicated to wellness and delivering exceptional customer experiences through our range of services, including massages, facials, and waxing treatments. 

We cater to franchise owners with diverse ambitions by offering options for both single- and multi-unit franchises. Our comprehensive franchise process is designed to thoroughly familiarize you with our brand's values and operational protocols. 

To support your entrepreneurial journey, MassageLuXe offers advantageous pricing strategies for those eager to establish multiple locations at the start or for franchisees aiming to scale up after their first MassageLuXe spa achieves success. This approach has proven fruitful, as evidenced by the numerous franchisees within our network who manage multiple spa establishments. 

To learn more, request franchise info, and we’ll be in touch.  


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