Fast Growing Spa Franchise Opens Location in Terre Haute, IN - MassageLuXe

Fast Growing Spa Franchise Opens Location in Terre Haute, IN

MassageLuXe Targets ‘The Hoosier State’ for Continued Expansion

April 03, 2023 // // Terre Haute, Indiana - Passionate about health and wellness, Darlene Hildebrand and David McKimmy prioritize staying fit through CrossFit training and half marathon running. They also understand the benefits of massage therapy in optimizing their fitness performance, having personally experienced the advantages it offers. Their belief in the power of massage therapy led them to become the proud owners of the first MassageLuXe in Terre Haute.

Located at 4682 S. US Hwy 41 in the Kroger South Plaza, MassageLuXe of Terre Haute is the third Indiana location for the expanding brand.

According to David McKimmy, co-owner of MassageLuxe of Terre Haute, massage therapy is more than just a pampering service. "Research shows it can help people at every fitness level improve their workouts, prevent injuries, and speed up recovery," he says. "Massage therapy also provides several health benefits such as reducing chronic pain, lowering stress, boosting immune function, and promoting mental wellness."

In addition to their passion for massage therapy, Dave and Darlene are experienced business owners. Darlene owns a thriving dental practice, while David owns a successful financial advisory franchise. With their keen eye for investment opportunities, the couple recognized the growing demand for massage therapy and decided to take action.

After researching the industry, Dave and Darlene found a promising opportunity with MassageLuXe. According to David, the support staff and CEO were all enthusiastic about their success, and the franchise model was top-notch. One of the key factors that drew them to MassageLuXe was the luxurious look and feel of the buildout. Unlike other clinical-looking massage franchises, MassageLuXe truly lived up to its name with a spa that exuded luxury.

"We can't wait to introduce the people of Terre Haute to the brand," says David. "We've experienced firsthand how difficult it can be to book appointments at other massage businesses due to increased demand. By bringing MassageLuXe to the region, we hope to address that demand while also creating job opportunities for the local community. We expect to employ between 15-25 people at the spa."

Mark Otter, President and CEO of MassageLuXe, welcomes Darlene and David McKimmy to the MassageLuXe franchise family with open arms. "We are thrilled to expand the MassageLuXe brand in Terre Haute and contribute to the health and wellness of the local community," says Otter.

One of the benefits of the MassageLuXe franchise model is its flexibility. Franchisees have the option to run the business full-time or as a semi-absentee owner, which is the route Darlene and Dave have chosen to take so that they can continue to run their other successful businesses. They plan to empower a general manager for the location to handle the day-to-day operations for them. Access to top-of-the-line management software will help coordinate each part of their business, and the support and training provided by industry experts at the corporate level will contribute to the spa's success.

This highlights why MassageLuXe is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs interested in diversifying their business portfolios into the health and wellness space. The franchise model provides a wealth of resources and support to help franchisees succeed in the highly competitive health and wellness industry.

The nationwide expansion of MassageLuXe continues at a significant pace with the brand opening over 20 locations this year and as many as 250 new locations over the next four years.

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