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How to Open a Skincare Franchise: Cost, Qualifications & Steps

As focus on health and wellness continues to grow, men and women are paying careful attention to keeping up a good facial skincare routine. Skincare practices, such as regular cleansing, moisturizing, sun protection and professional facials contribute to the growing skincare market.

A Trend Gaining Momentum 

According to Market Data Forecast, the size of the North American facial treatment market is nearly $350 million, anticipated to reach nearly $500 million by 2027 with an annual growth rate of 7%.

As popularity grows, facial skincare routines go beyond the need to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging. For example, proper exfoliation and cleansing can keep pores clean, address acne concerns, remove toxins and renew skin cells. Proper moisturizing protects skin from seasonal dryness and sun damage. While people have always enjoyed the pampering effects and self-care of a spa facial, the importance of caring for skin has increased with the rise of social media platforms and beauty influencers who have played a significant role in popularizing skincare. Sharing skincare tips, product recommendations, and touting the benefits of professional facials has inspired and educated others to do the same.

Diversification is Key to Potential Success 

Which means opening a skincare franchise has great profit potential. Within the market, a savvy business move is to provide facials from a licensed esthetician as part of a diverse menu of offerings. For example, at MassageLuXe, our services include nearly a dozen different types of facials as well as a wide variety of massages. Providing a full line of high-quality services and products to customers through our membership model means franchise owners benefit from recurring revenue each month.

6 Steps to Opening 

Opening a skincare franchise like MassageLuXe involves these steps:

  1. Do your research to understand the benefits of being part of the wellness industry. If you are near a MassageLuXe, stop in to see how we design our spas for comfort and relaxation — plus, have a facial to see how customers benefit from this treatment. If you aren’t near a location, you will have a chance to tour locations later in the process.
  2. If you like what you see, fill out an online inquiry form. You will have an introduction call and then a webinar with a MassageLuXe employee. Then you’ll have a chance to review the latest Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and an opportunity to talk with current franchise owners to gain a hands-on perspective about owning a skincare franchise.
  3. An important step in the ownership process is the Discovery Day visit at the MassageLuXe corporate headquarters. This is the opportunity to talk to our franchise experts who assist with the opening and ongoing support of franchise locations.
  4. You’ll want to work with personal financial experts and review the franchise agreement with a business attorney to ensure complete understanding of the commitment being made.
  5. Once you sign the franchise agreement, MassageLuXe assists with every step of opening your spa. This is another key benefit of being part of an established franchise. Our expert guidance fast-tracks your opening. We research and evaluate population, competition, demographic and psychographic information in your market to help you determine the best location for your spa.
  6. Prior to official opening, you’ll receive comprehensive training on how to run your business. This includes ordering the equipment and furnishings, purchasing products needed by massage therapists and estheticians plus product lines to sell. We’ll instruct you on how to operate our software, how to manage the spa, and how to conduct promotions for your location. Depending on build-out, this process is estimated to take 6 months to a year after signing the franchise agreement.


While having a business background can help, you don’t need industry experience to become a franchisee. However, it is important that when hiring massage therapists and estheticians, spa owners need to ensure that these staff members have the necessary licensing required by the state they operate in.

As for financial qualifications, franchise candidates need a minimum net worth of $300,000 and at least $100,000 in liquidity.


Once again, there are advantages to choosing ownership through franchising. As a franchisee, you know all the costs upfront; there are no surprises like you might find when starting a business from scratch.

At MassageLuXe our costs are very transparent: You can view a detailed breakdown of our startup costs in Item 7 of our FDD. Our franchise fee is $42,500, which is essentially your entry fee into the franchise. The estimated initial cost to open a spa that provides facials and massages ranges from $414,700 to $768,000.

The MassageLuXe Difference 

There are many advantages when you become a MassageLuXe franchise owner. You can either operate your spa as a full-time career or look at this as an investment. You can hire a general manager to handle the day-to-day operations while you utilize this as a way to expand your investment portfolio.

As a facial and massage spa franchise owner with MassageLuXe, you’ll enjoy a protected territory and have the opportunity to grow your investment by opening multiple locations.

If you’re ready  to hear more details about MassageLuXe, request information. Fill out our form and a rep will get in touch with you soon.









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