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How to Own a Part-Time Franchise to Find Work/Life Harmony

Looking to own a business, but not sure about devoting the time needed to cultivate it and see it grow? Not a problem. Part-time franchise opportunities abound. Popularity with this concept is growing as more people are supplementing their income, either to make ends meet, build an investment portfolio, add a side gig to a full-time job or explore career options to achieve a better work-life balance.

Although a part-time franchise may afford some flexibility, it still requires devoting time to it and making the financial investment. But it can absolutely be a fulfilling chance to be the boss and exercise that entrepreneurial spirit while tending to other commitments such as a full-time job or family.

Side Business Ideas 

There are many ideas to consider. For example, look for opportunities have technology that allow you to manage and keep a pulse on the business from home or that offer great flexible hours. Think about choosing a franchise where a general manager is hired to supervise the day-to-day business operations. In this scenario, ownership means focusing more on the big picture. This is a great way to ease into business, build a skill set and gain valuable insight about a new industry.

Moms in Business

Finding a good business that accommodates juggling work and family is especially important for busy moms. For a brand-new mom or one going back to work as the kids start school, a franchise ownership can be a manageable and rewarding opportunity. Franchises for moms can offer possibilities like working from home while the kids are at school or when it’s the little one’s naptime. As long as you hire a strong general manager to oversee the day-to-day, this can be done.

Making a Mark in Business 

Women in the franchise world are among a growing population as the numbers of women in the industry are climbing. Guidant Financial reports that women account for approximately 31% of all small businesses and franchise ownership in the U.S. To support these fierce pioneers, the International Franchise Association created the Women's Franchise Committee (WFC) and for more than two decades has been a resource for women in franchising to network and connect.

Looking at What’s Trending 

Top franchises for women are concentrated in the retail, fitness, and health and wellness industries. That Guidant Financial study mentioned earlier shows that women are 20% more likely than men to start a business based on something they’re passionate about. For many, that means following growing trends in the health and wellness sector.

One of those trends is the expansive $18 billion massage industry. So, it makes sense that if you’re looking for the best part-time franchise, consider franchise ownership with MassageLuXe.  We are a fast-growing massage and spa franchise designed to pamper our customers with the relaxation and comfort of a healing massage.

Owners Are Always Connected at MassageLuXe

As a franchisee, you can enjoy part-time ownership, something we call semi-absentee franchise ownership. We have a different philosophy than absentee-owner franchises. With MassageLuXe, you’re never absent. You don’t necessarily have to physically be present on location to be effective. Our model gives you the choice. Maybe you’re comfortable with a daily call-in to the spa to check in with your general manager, or perhaps you’re more hands-on, showing up in person a few days a week. Your level of participation is your choice, as long as you’re connected in some form.

This flexibility is why MassageLuXe is a great fit for busy moms who are looking for work-life harmony. Many entrepreneurs like you want a lucrative business that provides a service to the community in a growing sector. MassageLuXe can give  you that opportunity while allowing you to expand your portfolio through multi-unit ownership.

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