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Marketing for Spas: How Franchisors Support Each Location

Anytime there’s a business involving customer service, one of the biggest challenges is getting the word out that the location is open and operating. Once the target audience is aware, that’s the time to communicate the benefits of the business with the end goal of growing the customer base to boost profits.   

Obtaining Customers  

As a spa business, for example, there are many ways to reach prospective clients. Step one is getting noticed. Although it sounds elementary, a traditional and effective agent in spa marketing is having a good location where your brand’s sign is visible. High visibility helps when people are driving by the location or visiting other nearby businesses and they are intrigued to walk in. Awareness is the first part of the marketing funnel, tracking a customer’s journey with a business.   

Social Media Marketing for Spas  

In conjunction with that, marketing for spas should involve many avenues working simultaneously to advertise the spa. At the top of the list is having a great digital footprint in the marketplace, not only to get the attention of clients, but to lead the competition. The website should be user-friendly, with the ability to quickly and efficiently book an appointment online. This is a strategic way to obtain a client’s email information to continually market right to their inbox through email marketing. The website should also clearly communicate the spa’s offerings in detail, along with pricing.   

Digitally, building a social media presence on several key platforms is a great way to grow a client base both organically and through paid ads. This is an opportunity to entice current clients to promote the business through tags and follows. Incentivizing this practice through a customer reward program can increase the following on social media and encourage prospective clients to visit the spa. Referrals, whether in person or on social media, validate the business with customers placing their seal of approval on it. Many businesses opt to utilize influencers on social media to gain higher reach. Plus, having positive online reviews will be advantageous to growth.  

The Marketing Benefits of Franchising 

There are endless possibilities for marketing strategies for a spa business that can convert a customer journey from awareness and consideration to conversion, loyalty, and advocacy. But it’s not easy to go it alone. There are considerable advantages to receiving marketing support when you are part of a spa franchise like MassageLuXe. There are industry experts available to assist from day one.   

Franchise expertise runs the gamut from choosing the best spot to open a business in a high-visibility, affordable location to developing an effective marketing plan.  

Franchise marketing really involves so many moving parts. As a business owner, it is difficult to be an expert in all aspects of business. As a sole proprietor, outsourcing tasks like marketing will be costly. However, as a franchisee, the marketing plan to promote each location is built into the model and the price. Franchisors provide the plan and the cost upfront.   

An effective marketing plan is essential for gaining customers and growing the franchise. At MassageLuXe, the marketing plan we provide franchisees is a work in progress. It is vital that we examine the plan, evaluate its merits, and continually tweak it to make necessary updates to provide the best campaign for franchisees to utilize to help grow the business. We are dedicated to the success of our franchisees. Each new location that is launched increases brand recognition, which is why we provide national and local campaigns to build the brand, giving franchisees a big advantage in the marketplace.   

MassageLuXe works has a team of professional marketers to promote our locations across the country. We work with each franchisee to find a marketing plan that fits that unique market and assist in the execution of that plan. This is not only cost-effective for franchisees but constructive in increasing market reach.   

Our blueprint is designed to provide constant growth through customer retention and marketing strategies. MassageLuXe uses a membership-based model that builds a client list while growing financially through this recurring revenue model, which includes upselling through packages, products, and gift cards.  

Marketing for spas can be challenging and costly when going it alone as an independent spa owner. But as a franchisee with MassageLuXe, the assistance we provide to promote each location through a customizable advertising campaign equates to greater profit potential.   

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