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Massage Therapy Franchise: The LuXe Massage Market Advantage

If you want to open a massage therapy franchise in your market, there are many factors to consider. This is a major investment in your future, and you want to make sure you choose wisely.

MassageLuXe is taking the massage therapy franchise industry by storm. Not only is the spa company growing, so is the massage industry. According to a recent survey by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), consumers received an average of 12.7 massages in the past five years.

Advantages of MassageLuXe in Your Market

Now is a great time to capitalize on the growing massage industry and open a massage therapy franchise in your market. Here are 10 ways MassageLuXe offers a huge market advantage in your area.

1) Growing Industry

The massage industry is growing rapidly, and now is an amazing time to bring a massage therapy franchise to your market. Consumers see massage therapy is a healthy choice to improve their well-being — it’s not just a luxury. According to the AMTA survey, 78 percent of individuals surveyed claim the primary reason for receiving their last massage in the previous 12 months was medical or stress related.

2) Spa Services

MassageLuXe is more than a massage therapy franchise. Clients can receive a wide array of spa services, including facials and waxing. They can choose from a variety of standard and specialty massages, facials and skin treatments, or waxing experiences. Rather than visit multiple places, clients can find everything they need in one place.

3) Membership

The membership system sets MassageLuXe apart from the competition, and it is a great benefit to both clients and franchise owners. MassageLuXe offers several types of memberships, so clients can decide what fits best for them. They can customize their memberships and use them for different treatments. Memberships are also valid at every MassageLuXe location. That means you will likely welcome travelers and out-of-town professionals to your market!

4) Franchise Cost*

The estimated initial cost to open a MassageLuXe massage therapy franchise varies from $414,700 to $768,000. The initial franchise fee is $42,500. Compared to another well-known brand, Massage Envy, MassageLuXe is a more affordable investment. According to Entrepreneur, Massage Envy’s initial investment ranges from $567,850 to $840,000 and a franchise fee of $45,000.

The cost to open a MassageLuXe franchise depends on a variety of factors, like insurance and leasehold improvements. Click here for a breakdown of startup costs.

5) Protected Territories

MassageLuXe offers protected territories for new and current franchise owners, so you never have to worry about competing with the same brand in your market. The protected territory is typically a three-mile radius around the physical location of the spa. However, it may be larger or smaller depending on population density, demographics, market trends, and traffic flows.

6) Multi-Unit Franchise Opportunities

Think big! Your territory can include several MassageLuXe locations if you sign a Multi-Unit Development (MUD) agreement. MUD developers are granted exclusive franchise development rights to a specific number of franchise units within a defined territory. The minimum MUD agreement is for three units.

Franchise owners who commit to develop multiple massage therapy franchise locations and grow the MassageLuXe brand within a specific area receive certain benefits. This includes a reduction on the initial franchise fee on their second and third locations. The discount helps expedite the development of the franchise in the designated market.

7) Assistance Getting Started

MassageLuXe helps new franchise owners every step of the way. A MassageLuXe representative will help you determine the perfect location for your new massage therapy franchise by visiting the market and getting to know the area. Franchise representatives also help new owners with site development, training, and operations. 

8) Ongoing Support

MassageLuXe will provide you and your staff training prior to opening your spa, but the support doesn’t stop there. Franchise representatives are always available to help individual MassageLuXe owners with day-to-day operations.

9) Marketing

Clients in your territory will know about your massage therapy franchise because of MassageLuXe’s comprehensive marketing programs. MassageLuXe uses digital advertising, direct mail, social media, public relations, and other marketing campaigns to encourage high client usage and retention.

10) Customer Service

The 5-STAR MassageLuXe Customer Service model creates additional opportunities for revenue growth and brand development in your market. MassageLuXe takes great pride in offering exceptional customer service to its clients. This ensures they will keep coming back — with friends.

Get Started in Your Market

Now is a great time to welcome a massage therapy franchise to your market, and MassageLuXe offers new franchise owners numerous benefits.

To learn more about spa franchise opportunities with MassageLuXe, scroll down to fill out the contact form below. 

* An offer to sell a franchise can only be made pursuant to a Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”). The above financial information is only a portion of the financial information contained in our FDD (in Item 19). You should thoroughly review our FDD with your professional advisor. If the FDD that was presented to you does not contain an Item 19 or if any of the above financial information is inconsistent with any information contained in Item 19 of that FDD, you cannot and should not rely on the above information and should contact us immediately in writing.

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