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MassageLuXe Core Focus on Franchisee Happiness and Success

If you’re going to be in business for yourself, then why not be happy and successful? That’s one of the key strategic focuses at the fast-growing luxury spa brand MassageLuXe. After all, the brand’s sales motto is ‘Successful and happy spas sell more spas.’ The results are also one of the factors that attracts franchisees.

The massage and spa industry is a lucrative multi-billion dollar space that can offer millions of Americans a multitude of self-care resources as they seek out healthier lives. At MassageLuXe, the brand’s proven business model combined with its membership-based model make it the perfect vehicle for franchisees who want to make money while enjoying what they do.

Here are five ways the brand goes about ensuring happy and successful franchisees.

1. Calculated growth supported by a tenured and passionate franchisor team

MassageLuXe was founded in 2007 and carefully developed and refined as the brand’s infrastructure grew. Once building blocks of support were in place, the brand could begin confidently selling franchises and ensuring the happiness of its franchise operators. Additionally, the franchisor team is experienced and dedicated with very little turnover. The franchisor office has “buy-in” and is passionate about the brand and its franchisees’ success.

2. Full-service internal marketing agency

Franchisees can rest easy knowing that MassageLuXe has a dedicated in-house marketing team that knows how to build and execute a marketing plan. The team supports franchisees with effective media placement across all platforms and social media, and provides franchisees with the resources they need. The brand understands that the more franchisees market, the more business comes their way, and the more successful they are.

3. Strategic innovation to increase ticket size and attract new clients

Strategic innovation is always on the table at MassageLuXe. The brand is constantly looking for ways to enhance the business by staying focused on what is working while looking for new ways to expand its products and services and increase ticket size. When MassageLuXe swings for innovation, it’s with the intent to hit a home run.

4. Custom software

The point-of-sale software used at MassageLuXe was built specifically for the brand and offers franchisees a major differentiator. The brand also has the ability to quickly implement enhancements based on franchisee feedback and needs. What’s more, the user and mobile-friendly software is perfect for semi-absentee owner operators who want to see how the business is doing when they are not in the spa.

5. Top-notch franchisee support

Every member of the MassageLuXe representative team has worked in and managed a spa in the past. The company prides itself on its prompt attention to franchisees. They balance proactive and quick reactive action to ensure that franchisees are supported.

If you need any further proof of the brand’s commitment to its franchisees’ happiness and success, just ask its franchisees.

“MassageLuXe is unprecedented when it comes to quality, design, build, training, and support,” said MassageLuXe franchisee Robin Coble. “The best in the massage business. I like the fact it is a ‘Lead by Example’ company.”

“MassageLuXe was the right choice for several reasons. They’re very honest and upfront about their business. I felt confident in the support they promised us,” said MassageLuXe franchisee Travis Ferran.

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