MassageLuXe Hands Entrepreneurs Access to Billion Dollar Industry - MassageLuXe

MassageLuXe Hands Entrepreneurs Access to Billion Dollar Industry

How The Medical Benefits of Massage Therapy Are Paying Off Nationwide

When it comes to health and wellness, massage, a service once thought of as a luxury indulgence, is now
considered an essential piece of the self-care and mindfulness movement. In fact, the service has been
elevated in status so much that it is now considered a form of therapy.

The benefits of massage therapy are recognized by physicians and other health professionals, as well as cited in research for its positive impact on the body and mind. The result has made massage
therapy an attainable and highly sought-out health and wellness option for people of  all walks of life and income levels.

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) suggests more than half of all massage consumers got their last massage for health and wellness reasons. Only 16% of consumers list pampering as
the primary reason for their last massage.

The wellness experts at MassageLuXe, the fast-growing massage and spa franchise with more than 70 locations nationwide, report a marked increase in the number of people coming into their spas
to help ease a variety of health related challenges, including pain management, mental health boosters, and daily life stress relief.

From gas and groceries to housing, it seems the price of everything is rising these days, including our stress levels. A recent poll reveals that 87% of Americans say they are more stressed out than ever by the
current economic issues. The American Institute of Stress calls it America’s #1 health problem.

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