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Choosing a Franchise Location: 4 Factors That Make a Great Spot

Location, location, location. Finding prime real estate is key to the success of a brick-and-mortar business. Having a high-visibility, easily accessible, and convenient location is paramount.

As a sole proprietor opening a startup, finding a great location is a monumental task. Poor location can help your competitors and kill a business. However, having a team of experts helping you choose the best spot to build your business is yet another strong advantage to becoming part of a franchise.

Franchising is an opportunity to enjoy business ownership with a safety net. You pay an entry fee enabling you to utilize a proven model giving you a head start in business. Not only is franchisee training provided, but to ensure your success, you have access to a marketing plan, ongoing support, and a network of other franchisees.

If you choose a strong franchise like MassageLuXe, their franchise development team will assist you with the all-important matter of location. Franchisees are not in this alone, MassageLuXe has experts advising and guiding you through the site selection process.

MassageLuXe is a fast-growing massage and spa franchise that provides luxurious treatments to clients across the country. This is a high-demand franchise as more people are seeking out the health benefits of massage. MassageLuXe has a variety of spa services that help clients relax, remove pain, and restore health, which is why making sure spas have high visibility, where prospective clients can easily see and visit the closest franchise location, is a top priority.

Four Factors for Site Location

Understand that choosing a site for your spa location is not just about driving around a local community looking for available space where your unit will fit. There’s a science that goes into choosing the best location for you to have a prosperous business.

As a franchisee with MassageLuXe, we assist with your franchise location selection in several ways.

  1. Our market research includes gathering a combination of competitive data, demographics, psychographics (attitudes and behaviors), and GPS data to identify the best sites for MassageLuXe locations. Because we have more than 70 spa locations throughout the country, we are able to use historical data based on successful existing MassageLuXe sites. We have an advantage in knowing key factors that are necessary for success.
  2. MassageLuXe has a preferred partner in place to assist franchisees in site selection and lease negotiation and is with you every step of the way. We provide the expertise so you can take that task off your list.
  3. Drive-by and site score is an important factor of site selection that MassageLuXe balances with advantageous rent rates and the capitalization of up-and-coming areas. We look for locations that will appeal to our target audience in the community.
  4. MassageLuXe sets franchisees up for success by avoiding the cannibalization of existing locations and ensuring a protected territory around each MassageLuXe spa. It does not make good sense for a franchisee, or our brand, to reduce sales by having several units compete with one another.

The Importance of Franchise Territories

Franchise territories are an essential part of the MassageLuXe brand because we want your location to be successful. When you purchase a MassageLuXe spa, you purchase a protected territory with the right to operate within your selected geographical area.

At MassageLuXe, we offer attractive pricing for franchisees who want to own multiple locations right away or after you have successfully established one MassageLuXe location. Many of our franchisees own multiple spas.

The Time is Right to Join Our Brand

MassageLuXe has plans to grow to more than 250 locations. Now is the time to become a franchisee while there are still locations available. With the health and wellness industry growing at a rapid pace, there is high demand for our spas and great profit potential for you.

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