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Running a Massage Business: 10 Essential Keys to Success

Running a massage business can be extremely fruitful if you follow some key steps to success. Joining a franchisor like MassageLuXe makes it easy to stay on the right path to success. Not only does MassageLuXe offer a proven business model for you to follow, but it also offers the support you need to succeed. Here are 10 essential keys to success to make running a massage business a beneficial endeavor.

1) Networking

One of the keys to running a massage business is to network with other successful business owners. Learn from their experience: what works, and what does not work? As a MassageLuXe franchise owner, you have access to a network of experienced entrepreneurs. Since our locations are set in their own territories, there is no competition among owners. Everyone is a resource.

2) Marketing

To attract clients to your business, they need to know about it. Encourage your massage therapists and estheticians to be active on social media. MassageLuXe offers strong brand awareness, so clients know to expect the best. MassageLuXe also promotes locations across the country, which directly benefits your franchise location.

3) Be Your Own Boss

Running a massage business means you are your own boss. You are in charge, and it is up to you to make your business a success. As a MassageLuXe owner, you have the independence of owning your own business, with the benefit of a successful brand supporting your every step.

4) Offer Other Spa Services

Yes, you are running a massage business… but you want to consider offering other spa services. In today’s business world, customers often want to combine services. They know MassageLuXe is a one-stop-shop for their health and wellness needs. MassageLuXe offers facials and waxing services along with massages, and that attracts more clients.

5) Attractive Pricing

Clients want to know they are getting quality service when they spend money on a massage or other spa services. MassageLuXe offers various monthly memberships that make it easy for clients to keep up with their health and wellness. The memberships also help franchise owners see a more consistent sales cycle.

6) Management Software

Don’t let the ins and outs of booking appointments wreak havoc on your business. Make sure you have access to the latest management software to keep your business running smoothly. MassageLuXe uses state-of-the-art management software at each location to help franchise owners coordinate all aspects of the business (like scheduling appointments, memberships, and financial reporting).

7) Keep It Clean

Keep your massage business neat and clean. Clients want to experience their massage in a tranquil, calm environment. Anything less than that will distract from this experience. MassageLuXe offers an attractive physical design at each location, which enhances the peaceful experience and follows local and state regulations to keep the spa safe for both clients and employees.

8) Prioritize Customer Service

Clients want to know their happiness is taken seriously, and they expect nothing less than superior service. When customers are treated with respect, they continue to come back — and they recommend your business to their friends. The 5-STAR MassageLuXe Customer Service model was developed from the company’s direct experience in the personal service industry. The model results in higher customer retention and referral rates.

9) Focus on Health

More clients are seeking the health benefits of massage therapy, as opposed to just a way to pamper themselves. Massage therapists should listen to clients’ concerns before each massage to relieve pain and boost health benefits. MassageLuXe focuses on the importance of health and wellness through therapeutic massage, and this is shared with the clients.

10) Continuous Training

Massage therapists and estheticians should remain knowledgeable on the latest trends in massage therapy and spa services. MassageLuXe offers ongoing training to teach therapists and estheticians about new treatment modalities.

Start Running a Massage Business Now

Running a massage business can be incredibly successful if you have the support of a well-known brand like MassageLuXe.

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