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Back Facial

Opti-Firm Eye Treatment
It is easy to miss parts of our bodies that we do not see everyday. that is why our backs end up being neglected from the benefits seen in common facials. That is no more! Deep cleanse & smooth those hard-to-reach areas with the Back facial. This treatment includes a thorough cleansing of the back, gentle exfoliation to remove built up skin cells, extractions if needed, a customized mask and a relaxation massage. Let your body and mind relax all while your skin is revitalized. The cleanse will open pores and free them of oil and dirt buildup that is hard to clean on ones own. Exfoliation not only removes built up skin cells, but it also helps to bring out a younger layer of skin that lies beneath the outermost layer. Refresh your skin and reveal a healthy glow with a treatment at a MassageLuXe Spa. Our beautifying and beneficial facials are perfect for anyone who cares about the health of their skin. Enjoy one after a therapeutic massage or as a stand-alone treatment. The MassageLuXe treatments offer a balance between classic spa offerings and cutting-edge advancements that will leave your face feeling fresh and young. Face it — your skin needs this. *at participating spas
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