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Sports Massage

A sports massage may be just the boost you need to add an extra day at the gym or run another mile. Sports massages are specifically designed for people who are involved in physical activity. However, you do not have to be a professional athlete to have one. It is also used by people who are active and work out often. The focus is not on relaxation but on preventing and treating injury and enhancing athletic performance. Combinations of techniques are used, including a modified form of Swedish massage and facilitated stretching. The benefits of sports massage may include:
  • Increased flexibility
  • Decreased recovery time
  • Injury prevention
Our licensed massage therapists use a combination of techniques, including stretch therapy. A sports massage can be part of a regular routine to enhance athletic performance and prevent injury. It can also be used to boost athletic recovery and relieve pain from a sports injury.

What is Sports Massage?

A sports massage can be a full-body massage, or our licensed massage therapists can focus on specific areas. Your therapist will use various techniques to manipulate your muscles, tendons, and ligaments, which will increase circulation and stimulate the nerves. Your sports massage therapist will perform an assessment to figure out the best course of action for you. Sports massages received regularly may help to prevent injury and enhance athletic performance. It may also help alleviate pain from an injury.

Benefits of Sports Massage

A sports massage may help prevent and treat injuries and decrease recovery time. The focus is on enhancing athletic performance rather than providing relaxation. A sports massage can also help loosen muscles and increase flexibility. This type of massage can alleviate pain from a sports injury or repetitive use, but it also has been known to help with migraines and tension headaches.

Book Your Sports Massage Today

When you visit MassageLuXe, our licensed massage therapists certified in sports massage will carefully go over a confidential questionnaire with you. This way, they will be aware of any concerns and special needs you may have. This will also help them learn about any current conditions that may affect treatment. Treat or prevent injury today with a sports massage.
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