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Elements Massage Franchise vs. MassageLuXe: Comparing Wellness Franchises

The term wellness incorporates many ideas about our overall health. On a daily basis, we are inundated with information about what to do and not do, in an attempt to improve ourselves. There is a barrage of information telling us about a new food that can give us energy, or we’re told to stop doing this exercise because it can hurt our joints. Research is providing a keen understanding of what it takes to achieve wellness and live a healthful life.

The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health. No matter how you look at it, wellness is top of mind for so many of us, and that, in turn, is creating a very lucrative wellness industry.

Wellness is Big Business

The figures are impressive. The United States leads the world as the largest wellness market, coming in at $1.2 trillion. In fact, the U.S. accounts for 28% of the entire global wellness market. Why? There remains a push to live a more healthful, quality life improving our longevity, and as one of the wealthiest countries in the world, Americans have the resources and necessary disposable income to be proactive and preventative with their health.

That longer, healthier life has many moving parts. Among the many components of wellness, there are healthful eating, nutrition, weight loss, personal care, and physical activity. What this translates to is an industry that runs the gamut. You can discover wellness franchises in businesses from boutique fitness and chiropractic care to weight loss centers and massage.

For entrepreneurs with a keen eye on growing consumer demand in the wellness sector, some franchises to consider are those involved in the burgeoning massage field. An industry with a hefty $16 billion price tag; here in the U.S. alone.

Comparison of Elements vs. MassageLuXe

If you’re thinking about an investment in the massage spa industry, let’s do a comparison of two brands. First, a look at the Elements massage franchise. The parent company of the Elements massage franchise is WellBiz Brands Inc., and they’ve been franchising for 16 years.

Crunching the numbers, here’s a look at Elements massage franchise versus MassageLuXe:


MassageLuXe VS Elements massage *Based on information from Franchise Disclosure Documents


In comparison, in terms of cost, you will find that MassageLuXe is very competitive. However, there are some key differences that make franchise ownership with MassageLuXe much more attractive. For example, while the Elements massage franchise has increased in size by 0.8% over three years, MassageLuXe has enjoyed a growth rate of 17.5% in the last three years.

MassageLuXe franchise owners are well-equipped to handle the intricacies of operating their business because we provide 72 hours of on-the-job training and eight hours of classroom training. In contrast, the Elements massage franchise offers only 33 hours of classroom-only training. At MassageLuXe, we feel that real-life training and facing situations that will be part of your daily life as a business owner equips you to be as successful as possible.

At MassageLuXe, we want you to be comfortable in your investment. If you would prefer to oversee a general manager and staff and work at your current full-time job, or if you’d like to utilize MassageLuXe as a retirement venture, it’s your business to run however you choose.

The Spotlight is on MassageLuXe

As a franchise owner with MassageLuXe, not only will you be a part of the expansive health and wellness industry, but you will also be providing the highest quality services to your customers.

There’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself with a massage in our spa setting but part of our service is educating customers about the healing benefits of massage, whether for preventative health or those seeking pain relief. In a recent survey conducted by the American Massage Therapy Association, more than half of those who receive massages do so for chronic pain relief. In addition, 85% of those surveyed believe in the stress- and anxiety-reducing properties of massage to achieve overall health and wellness.

MassageLuXe is able to meet the demands of customers who both need and want massages for their health and wellness while simultaneously providing great profit potential to you as a franchisee. You will enjoy quick ramp-up, comprehensive training, a membership pricing model with multiple revenue streams, and the chance to enjoy business ownership with growth and profit potential.

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