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Massage Franchise Cost & Profitability: How Much Could You Earn?

If you are in the process of opening your own business one of the first questions on your mind is how much you could earn. Nothing is certain, but when you open a franchise, you have a higher rate of success. Additionally, many franchise disclosure documents give you an idea of how much you can earn when you get up and running. Here's what you should know about massage franchise costs and how much you could earn as a franchisee.

What Does It Cost To Start a Massage Franchise?

MassageLuXe is considered middle-range in terms of massage franchise cost. Franchisees can expect a startup range of $414,700-$768,000. These costs include (but are not limited to) initial franchise fees, signage, furniture, spa materials and equipment, insurance, and initial marketing campaigns.

When starting a business and deciding whether to franchise, it’s important to consider cost-savings and benefits of becoming a member of a franchise family. Franchisees often have access to better prices and better interest rates on loans, along with support and guidance from the franchisor’s established business playbook. Franchisors like MassageLuXe have partnerships with vendors, which allows their franchisees to get more for their dollar.

How Much Could I Earn As The Owner of a Massage Franchise?

The average day spa owner’s salary is $80,000 a year, according to some industry experts’ estimates. Many MassageLuXe franchisees skew well above the average earnings and often enjoy six-figure annual salaries. Locations typically produce more than 20 percent in profit margin each year. MassageLuXe’s membership model also creates a continuous revenue stream for franchise owners, providing more reliable income.

Even during the pandemic, MassageLuXe was growing and thriving as a brand and has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing franchises of 2020 and 2021.

Another thing to consider is that your salary will grow should you choose to open multiple locations. If you’re looking to earn more than the industry average, increasing the number of spas you own may be part of your long-term business plan. Experienced entrepreneurs can consider and discuss Multi-Unit Development opportunities. There is also the possibility of opening one spa initially, learning the business, and growing over time to multiple locations.

Is Massage Therapy a Lucrative Business?

In short, absolutely. For starters, the membership model pioneered by MassageLuXe creates recurring and consistent revenue for owners.

Demand for spa services is also increasing consistently in recent decades. A factor in the industry’s growth has been a change in thinking. The majority of regular MassageLuXe customers view their sessions not as a luxury, but instead, an essential regimen for health and wellness. Customers visit spas not only to relax, but also to ease pain from fibromyalgia, cancer treatment, chronic lower back pain, and other ailments.

As healthcare costs continue to rise in the United States, people are also more focused than ever on healthy and holistic lifestyles. They’re practicing self-care and preventative efforts in an effort to decrease doctor visits and medical expenses, and the emphasis on overall wellness is driving a larger customer base to the spa industry.

Why Would Owning a MassageLuXe Franchise Be a Profitable Investment?

Owning a MassageLuXe franchise puts you right in the middle of a growing industry. The American Massage Therapy Association has estimated the massage industry is worth $18 billion. As the self-care movement continues to grow, so will massage. Now is the time to join!

When you open a MassageLuXe spa, you are opening a turnkey business. The roadmap to success has been outlined for you. As long as you put in the work, you will see a return on your investment. As a franchisee, you’ll also receive ongoing training and support from the MassageLuXe team, not to mention the network of franchisees also available to you.

When contemplating massage franchise cost and profitability, consider an opportunity with MassageLuXe.

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