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Massage Therapy Career to Entrepreneurship: Own a Spa Franchise

There is great skill involved in being a massage therapist. Knowing just the right amount of pressure to apply and which movements will best manipulate a client’s tight or injured tissues and muscles demands extensive training. That’s why most states require those in a massage therapy career to be licensed or certified because their expertise can provide great healing and relief to clients.

Massage therapy techniques date back thousands of years with origins in India, China, and Egypt where massage was considered a sacred system of natural healing to put the body back in balance. Today, massage therapists use many of the same principles and techniques for pain management, relaxation, and pampering. Those in a massage therapy career assist clients with wellness through touch, pressure, and muscle manipulation. While massage therapists may work in a variety of places like clinics, hospitals, offices, and fitness centers, the American Massage Therapy Association says most client’s frequent spas for routine massages.

Another Opportunity to Consider

Although a massage therapy career is flexible, lucrative, and rewarding, there’s a way to still be part of the skyrocketing massage and spa industry without being hands-on with clients. Consider taking your entrepreneurship to the next level. Ownership in the massage industry has great profit potential, and the numbers don’t lie. Massage falls under the wellness umbrella—a sector seeing massive growth as more people are understanding the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and recognizing why the self-care movement has amplified.

Financial Valuation

The Global Wellness Institute says the wellness industry is worth $7 trillion worldwide with a 9.9% average growth rate. According to a report from IBISWorld, the price tag for the spa industry is $19 billion in just the U.S. alone. And if that’s not enough, the American Massage Therapy Association reports that the field of massage weighs in at $18 billion annually here in the U.S. The numbers tell the story—that ownership in the spa industry shows significant stability due to the remunerative earnings capability.

Consider one more trend gaining significant economic ground—the franchising industry. As an entrepreneur seeking business ownership, franchising gives you the opportunity to run an operation with the assistance of a proven model that’s been market tested by franchise experts who are there to assist you in your venture. Many would say it’s an investment with a safety net. This is an ideal opportunity to enjoy that entrepreneurial spirit in the trending spa industry.

Qualifying for a Spa Franchise

The first step is ensuring you’re ready to be in business. At MassageLuXe, we’re a fast-growing spa franchise providing luxurious treatments like massage, facials and waxing to our customers across the country. We’re dedicated to encouraging health, wellbeing, and quality of life. As a franchise owner with MassageLuXe, you don’t need experience in the spa industry, but having some understanding of business works to your advantage. We have a staff of highly qualified franchise industry experts who will train you not only for your grand opening but beyond. Our ongoing support means that although you as a franchise owner enjoy the gratification of being in business, you also know there’s a team there to assist you when you face challenges.

Another benefit of franchising is you understand the financial commitment you’re about to make without the hidden surprises you may find when starting a business from scratch. Here are some of the basic financial qualifications becoming a MassageLuXe franchisee:

  • Estimated initial cost: $414,700 to $768,000
  • Initial franchise fee: $42,500
  • Liquidity: $100,000

We provide guidance to assist with financing your MassageLuXe unit. As a first-time franchisee, you can use a combination of personal savings, SBA loans, conventional loan products, and 401(k) or traditional individual retirement account (IRA) rollovers. Keep in mind, to qualify you will need a credit score of the minimum of 640 — being in the 700 range expands your possibilities.

Maintaining Your Spa Franchise

MassageLuXe is one of the top massage franchises in the country because we’re transparent with our owners about what to expect and how to successfully maintain your location.

As a franchisee, you’ll pay a weekly royalty fee of 6% of gross revenue. This fee ensures we can provide ongoing support, tools, and resources to you as you grow your business. Your offerings include a menu selection of popular massages, facials and waxing through a recurring revenue concept, thanks to our membership model. As a franchise owner, you can benefit from ongoing client participation and visits, create steadier sales cycles, and reduce administration and billing time.

Your day-to-day operations will be streamlined using the POS/computer system that you and your staff will be skillfully trained in during our comprehensive 10-day training. Plus, we offer all of our franchise owners protected territories. We have attractive pricing for multi-unit franchisees whether you want to buy immediately or expand as your first location grows.

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