MassageLuXe, Premier Day Spa Franchise, Highlights Franchisee Power Couple - MassageLuXe

MassageLuXe, Premier Day Spa Franchise, Highlights Franchisee Power Couple

MassageLuXe, a fast-growing massage and spa franchise delivering the highest standard of services in the membership-based massage, facial and waxing industry has an A-Team franchisee couple making dreams come true – for their clients and themselves.

Meet Rebecca and Mike Collins, multi-unit franchise owners of MassageLuXe. Currently, the couple own franchises in Fairview Heights, IL and Blue Springs, MO with area development rights to develop, open, operate and service 10 more spas in the Kansas City metro area and all of Kansas.

“We’ve been very successful since day one,” says Rebecca. “MassageLuXe International does a great job of putting forth a business plan that is really easy to follow and takes all of the guess work out of it.”

From humble beginnings, Rebecca believed owning her own business was completely out of reach when growing up. Now, her and Mike look forward to leaving a legacy to their children. Currently, their youngest son works at one of their locations while in college and their daughter is the district manager of their spas. “We don’t just meet for dinner at the end of the day,” comments Rebecca. “We actually spend time all day every day working together and building a future.”

The future for Rebecca and Mike is to open five more locations in the next five years. “Every day is a different day. Every day is an adventure. I learn new things. I meet new people. I couldn’t be happier. I would say I’m living the dream,” says Rebecca.

MassageLuXe’s mission is “to deliver the highest quality massage, facial and waxing services in an environment that is both luxurious and relaxing to all of the guests.” With the brand’s unmatched franchisee support and training, and growing presence in a booming industry, this mission is attainable for any entrepreneurial spirit looking for their next venture – with Rebecca and Mike as proof.

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About MassageLuXe

Founded in 2008 in St. Louis, Missouri, MassageLuXe is a fast-growing franchise-based spa company with a mission to provide an unparalleled experience that supports and encourages health, wellbeing and quality of life. MassageLuXe delivers the highest quality massage, facial, and waxing services in a comfortable, relaxing and luxurious environment.

Massage is a service that improves health, promotes relaxation and overall well-being for the consumer, and has been practiced throughout the world for thousands of years. MassageLuXe currently has 69 locations across 16 states and is planning to expand to 250 locations in the next five years.

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