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Member of the Year 2022!

Top 10 Finalists:
  • Karen - I have RA, diagnosed in 2012. Late 2019 I started going to the gym down the street, pushing myself to keep going and help my body feel better. Enter Massage Luxe to the rescue! As good as the gym work-outs were, I was so much I decided to take advantage of a coupon at the gym for Massage Luxe. Oh how the massages have helped! Late 2020 my rheumatologist said I was in remission...incredible to go from a pain level of 7 down to perhaps a 2. Massage Luxe was instrumental in helping me achieve remission and now to manage and maintain staying relatively pain free. RA is awful, movement is good, but exercise causes pain...however, massages ease the soreness...I would definitely benefit with a free year !
  • Rae - I have been getting facials with MassageLuXe for over 4 years now and have never had as great skin as I do now. I’ve struggled with acne since middle school and nothing I did helped clear my skin and I struggled to get on a routine that worked. Since beginning my facial regime (around a year before my wedding) the acne that I’d been struggling with for so long finally cleared up and my confidence grew. I’m so happy I found MassageLuXe and am able to get a great service for a great price. I recommend you to everyone I know!
  • Krista - Seven years ago I was hit head on by a drunk driver less than a mile away from the Market Street Massage Luxe location in LAKEWOOD RANCH Florida . My life was instantly and forever changed. I had a left shoulder, back, and neck injuries at 23 years old. I went through months of treatment trying to get the pain under control. It took four surgical procedures in the neck to snip the nerves so my pain signal would no longer send a message to my brain that I was in pain. My life got back on track nut now the nerves have grown back and the tension migraines have taken over my life. Ive worked at Sarasota Memorial Hospital for almost 10 years, I am finishing up nursing school, and I am a single mother... there is no room for migraines in my life!! hahah. I decided to join Massage Luxe where I get monthly deep tissue massages from Peter. He has given me my life back. He has relieved so much of my muscle tension and it is allows me to live my daily life with so much less pain than what I was experiencing before I joined Massage Luxe. I am so grateful for your business!
  • Angela - I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia many years ago. Since then I have also survived breast cancer. In addition to the fibromyalgia pain, the medications I take as a breast cancer survivor also cause additional pain throughout my body. I am so happy ncredibly thankful for the massage therapist at MassageLuxe. They are a huge help releasing tension in my muscles to help reduce my pain. The therapist do an amazing job listening and concentrating on the areas I ask them to. Each massage is personalized for me. The staff are amazing. I would love to win this prize. I am a survivor. I am strong despite my weaknesses. I choose to carry on no matter what. You are my help to keep me going and are appreciated more than you ever know!❤️
  • Jesska - I joined MassageLuXe shortly after being in a car accident and having head and neck injuries. It quickly became my favorite place to be. Not only because of the pain relief that I found from treatments but because of my new sensory issues I found the environment very calming place to be from the second I walked in the door. I quickly became isolated after my accident; not able to go many places because of my limitations that the accident caused, I was so happy that MassageLuxe has been a ‘safe place’ for me to go. Having regular massage treatments have minimized my pain (and with that also my anxiety) and increased my self confidence in being able to be part of the world again. I’m grateful for being able to have access to therapists who understand my condition and work with me for relief. And the treat of being able to stop in and relax on the hydrobed is next level self care. I’m glad that the staff there at the front desk know me by name and that I feel like a part of their community there! I have experienced a lot of loss since my accident (my career, my ability to compete in Ironman triathlons, and friendships). Having invisible injuries (TBI and Dysautonomia caused by TBI) are a hard thing for the outside world to comprehend. Being my own case manger and self advocate is a big job. The benefits of massage have been monumental in my recovery journey-for my physical and mental health!
  • Amanda - I came in one day in need of stress and tension relief. In 7 years I had a child, had gall bladder surgery and a hysterectomy. My body had been through so much trauma and mistreatment. I stopped taking care of myself. I was a mom first and second a pharmacy supervisor. My life was no longer mine. For my 36th birthday I decided I needed to make a change. I chose Massage Luxe! I had a deep tissue massage with Mr. Georgie. He was the sweetest and very professional. He told me all my stress and tension was in my shoulders and upper back. Which makes so much sense because I literally carry my world on my shoulders. Georgie suggested I didn't get a deep tissue because of the knots in my shoulder blades. He gently massaged all my worries, stress and anxieties from every muscle and tendon lol. That massage made me realize I couldn't keep living the way I was living and I had to take care of myself. I started eating better after that day. I started working out after that day. I started planning getaway trips that day. I started making time for me!! Massage Luxe literally changed my life so much I even became a member that day! Thanks Georgie and thank you Massage Luxe!!
  • Stacey - I have had a fair amount of life stressors in the past four years--my mom passing in her sleep of a heart attack in 2017; my nephew passing 13 months after in May 2018, only two days before his high school graduation, in an ATV accident; living with my sister and her family for three months to help with every day events, while conducting my own responsibilities as a business owner late at night; struggling in 2019 to course-correct financial mistakes made by my accounting employee while I was away in 2018 and not paying attention to the books as closely as I should have; 2020...well COVID; and now 2021 my husband has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Clarence has provided therapy not only for my body as I have carried these heavy loads, but also for my spirit. There have been a couple of times when I have been embraced by him (professionally, of course!) as the tears have fallen once leaving his table. It's as if his hands worked to release my built-up tension AND my built-up emotions. I am a strong woman. I carry a lot. I fix a lot. All but one of the aforementioned things I could not fix. I cannot fix my husband's terminal cancer diagnosis. I can, however, care for myself so that I may in turn care well for him as we fight this cancer battle together hoping for a miracle. There are people in this world who simply do their jobs. Then, there are those who give themselves to their jobs. Clarence is one of those! He deserves to be recognized and more.
  • Valerie - My husband bought me a membership after our son, Cameron, passed away after a short two days life. We have been changed people ever since. I have been coming to massage luxe for over ten years. The benefits are not only physical but also mental. I have been a loyal customer and can attest first hand of the helpful and healing powers of massage. I love it here! I have been a special Ed teacher for 22 years and this is the best way to unwind after a long day. Massage Luxe therapists are knowledgeable and professional. After a visit, I feel refreshed and energized for what lies ahead.
  • Leah - MassageLuxe has helped me so much with my back problems and tensions. Being a full time critical care icu nurse and a full time student at the same time can be stressful and time consuming. My massages are a peaceful hour where I can totally relax without thinking about work and school as my tension and muscle aches melt away. You guys are amazing and so appreciated. Being a nurse in covid has taught me life skills on both a personal and professional level as I have both compassionately and competently cared for not only critically ill patients but assisted family with the most difficult times of their lives as they have to make decisions. These times have shown me true love and empathy. Never did I think I would be holding a patient and a phone as family say goodbye without being in the room with the covid positive loved one because it was not allowed by the hospital. I learned to love people I only got to meet on ventilators paralyzed and unconscious and show them true love and emotional support when no one else could be with them. I truly love my job and feel I deserve some relaxation after being a nurse during covid as many others have. Many others have made sacrifices not only related to health care but personal and other levels and I wish whoever wins and all others blessings and good times ahead. Thank you
  • Priscilla - Where do I even begin?! Since I was about 17, I remember I started getting this really severe headaches. At first they would come may be once every week. Then it gradually progressed to 3 times a week. These headaches would literally cause me to be in bed for an entire day and no over the counter medicine seemed to work. I had tried going to a chiropractor, seeing my regular doctor, getting all kinds of scans, and nobody could really tell me how to get rid of them. I promise you it wasn’t until I started getting my monthly massages that I truly noticed a huge improvement with the frequency of my headaches. I am so grateful for Massageluxe because they really look out for their members especially us teachers. Even if I don’t win, I just really want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME!

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