MassageLuXe Perfect Match For Growing Self-Care, Health and Wellness Movement - MassageLuXe

MassageLuXe Perfect Match For Growing Self-Care, Health and Wellness Movement

MassageLuXe Perfect Match For Growing Self-Care, Health and Wellness Movement

The Covid-19 scare of 2020 impacted the world in many different ways. One significant impact was the mental and physical toll that was a byproduct of the stress and isolation of the pandemic. Now as the world opens back up again there is a surge in demand for health and wellness solutions – something that was too often neglected by people during the pandemic. One fast-growing brand that offers a range of solutions to meet these needs is segment leading massage and spa franchise MassageLuXe.

“People have never been more concerned with health and wellness and are yearning for self-care,” said MassageLuXe CEO Mark Otter. “The new post-pandemic reality is that’s now a priority.”

The massage and spa industry is big business. The American Massage Therapy Association estimates the massage therapy sector as an $18 billion-plus industry. According to a survey released in 2019, 88 percent of participants viewed a massage as being beneficial to overall health and wellness. Furthermore, more than 47 million people had 214 million massages in the U.S. in 2018. Those figures couple with the pent up demand post-pandemic make for a growing market with great potential.

In many ways massage has become medicine. Massage therapy has been proven to relieve stress and anxiety, which in turn improves mental health and wellbeing. Additionally, therapeutic massage provides pain management and relief for people suffering from numerous ailments and chronic conditions. Therapeutic massage and skin health treatments are no longer a luxury but are now a proven method of self-care that leads to better health, pain management, and overall improvements to wellbeing.

Because of the increasing demand for health and wellness solutions, there’s no better time to invest in the massage and spa space than right now. And there’s no better brand to partner with than MassageLuXe.

MassageLuXe offers franchise investors a number of advantages. The spas work for owners primarily because of their unique membership revenue model that assures a significantly higher level of consistency than other spa revenues and profits on a year-round basis.

“MassageLuXe pioneered membership-based massage and facial services,” said Kristen Pechacek, Chief Growth Officer for MassageLuXe. “Franchisees have a quick ramp-up with early profit opportunities thanks to an expanding service line, product offerings, grand opening marketing support, and ongoing support.”

It’s obvious that the health and wellness movement is on the rise as more and more people look for ways to improve and maintain their own health. That’s why now is the time to take advantage of the strong growth in the health and wellness business and invest in your future. MassageLuXe is a proven brand that delivers the highest quality massage, facial, and waxing services in a comfortable, relaxing, and luxurious environment.

MassageLuXe offers an excellent investment opportunity and available territories for qualified candidates. If you’d like to find out more about franchise opportunities with MassageLuXe visit

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