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Glycolic Peel

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Peel Away Stress and Debris with the Repêchage Glyco-Sea® Glycolic Peel In the pursuit of radiant and rejuvenated skin, the Repêchage Glyco-Sea® Glycolic Peel emerges as a powerful exfoliator, delivering exceptional results with minimal irritation. Unveil a new layer of beauty as this innovative skin treatment gently peels away stress and debris, leaving you with a smoother, more refined complexion. The key to the efficacy of the Glyco-Sea® Glycolic Peel lies in its unique formula. Unlike traditional glycolic peels that can sometimes cause discomfort and redness, this advanced treatment combines the potency of glycolic acid with the soothing properties of a laminaria complex, derived from nutrient-rich seaweed and natural extracts. Glycolic acid, a well-known alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), is celebrated for its ability to exfoliate the skin's surface, sloughing away dead skin cells and unclogging pores. As a result, skin texture is improved, and the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation is diminished. However, glycolic acid can be harsh on sensitive skin, making it unsuitable for some individuals. The Repêchage Glyco-Sea® Glycolic Peel addresses this concern by infusing glycolic acid with the healing power of seaweed and natural extracts. This thoughtful combination calms and nourishes the skin during the exfoliation process, reducing the risk of irritation and making it suitable for a wider range of skin types. The treatment's focus on resurfacing and renewing the skin ensures that you achieve a revitalized and youthful glow. By peeling away dull, dead cells and stimulating collagen production, the Glyco-Sea® Glycolic Peel promotes a smoother, firmer, and more even-toned complexion. If you're looking to revitalize your skin and restore its natural radiance, the Repêchage Glyco-Sea® Glycolic Peel offers a safe and effective solution. Experience the transformative effects of this deep, intensive skin treatment as it uncovers the true beauty that lies beneath the surface. Say goodbye to stress and debris and say hello to a renewed and luminous you.
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