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Hand and Stone Franchise vs. MassageLuXe: Comparing Luxury Spa Franchises

Financial indicators continue to reflect the on-going surge of people who are dedicated to improving their overall lifestyle by mitigating stress and taking responsibility of their physical and mental well-being. That is creating a strong financial outlook in the health and wellness industry. It’s no wonder investors and entrepreneurs are encouraged by statistics released by the Global Wellness Institute putting the price tag of this industry at $1.2 trillion worldwide. One of the best performing niches in this sector is massage. IBIS World released its 2022 numbers placing the market size of massage at $17 billion here in the U.S.

Investing in the Spa Industry

For those ready to invest in a high performing spa franchise, let’s compare two luxury spa franchises to determine the best to own. Some of the key determinants will include:

  • Cost including franchise fees and royalties
  • What the franchise offers in terms of training, support and guidance
  • Growth Plans
  • Revenue Opportunities

Cost Break-down

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Hand and Stone Franchise versus the MassageLuXe franchise.

*Based on information provided by Entrepreneur

While both brands are neck and neck regarding franchise fees, the initial investment is significantly higher with the Hand and Stone franchise. Net worth and liquidity requirements are lower for MassagLuXe. Both brands are similar with respect to royalties paid by franchise owners as well as renewal, term of agreement, and exclusive territory availability.

Support Breakdown

MassageLuXe provides significant training including 72 hours of on-the-job training accompanied by classroom training as well. In addition, MassageLuXe franchise representatives are on-site during spa openings to assist and train in operations of the business. Every member of the franchise representative team at MassageLuXe has worked in a MassageLuXe spa prior to joining the franchisor team, so they know first-hand what it takes to have a successful business.

Growth Plans

Hand & Stone has nearly 500 locations in the United States. MassageLuXe has over 70 locations open and plans to have 250 locations open in the next four years. Becoming part of an emerging brand with rapid growth in many cases allows franchise owners flexibility in location selection and support.

Revenue Opportunities

Both franchises operate with a membership business model offering spa services such as massage and facials. Both brands also have additional revenue opportunities through product lines and gift cards. Using the membership model allows franchise owners the chance to count on recurring revenue to ensure a steady income stream.

The MassageLuXe Difference

While there are some similarities between the two franchise brands, what makes MassageLuXe stand out is our dedication to educating our customers about the health benefits of massage for pain relief and pampering for stress relief. Our mission is to provide services that support and encourage health, wellbeing, and quality of life. We deliver great services in a comfortable, relaxing, and luxurious environment to our clients.

As a franchise owner you benefit from the strong reputation and brand standards, we have built in our 14 years of franchising. This increases your opportunity to solidify a strong customer base from the start.

You will enjoy a quick ramp-up with early profit opportunities including our thoughtful massage add-on services that create an enhanced experience for guests with lucrative income opportunities for you. We are dedicated to your success whether you are a first-time franchisee wanting to roll up your sleeves as a business owner or an investor wanting to expand your portfolio.

To learn more about spa franchise opportunities with MassageLuXe, by filling out the form on this page.