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How to Treat Maskne

If you’re one of the many who are experiencing maskne over the past few months, this is for you! Maskne is acne that occurs from sweat, oil, and bacteria being trapped on your skin, under your mask, creating a breeding ground for breakouts. Maskne is also aggravated by stress, as people worry about everything from jobs to school and health!

Tips to help prevent and treat maskne, improve skin health, and alleviate stress:

For Your Skin

  1. Cleanse Your Face Every Day – Dirt and oil accumulate on your face throughout the day, so it’s important to cleanse your face of any buildup at night. It’s okay to cleanse your face in the morning as well, but you don’t want to do it more than twice a day unless you are following instructions from a dermatologist. First, remove any eye makeup with a gentle makeup remover. Then, use lukewarm water to rinse your face along with a gentle cleanser. Look for a cleanser that matches your skin type or ask your licensed MassageLuXe esthetician for advice. Toner is great for anyone fighting acne or with oily skin, and this should be applied after a cleanser. Apply moisturizer in the morning and at night. In the morning, be sure to use a daytime moisturizer with SPF.
  2. Wash Your Masks – Change your masks frequently and keep them clean to reduce irritation. Use a fragrance-free detergent to further prevent irritation. Not only does washing keep acne at bay, it is also important for infection control.
  3. Moisturize Under Your Mask – Don’t shy away from putting moisturizer on your face because you’re afraid it will cause acne. A light layer of moisturizer can serve as a barrier for your skin against any friction or irritation from the mask. And don’t forget your lips — lip balm works great to prevent dry, chapped lips.
  4. Go Light on the Makeup – It’s OKAY to wear a little makeup to cover those blemishes, just keep it light (especially if it’s going under a mask for a while). Just make sure to cleanse your face and remove your makeup daily. Enjoying a makeup-free lifestyle while wearing a mask can be even more helpful!
  5. Get a Professional Facial – There may be no better way to de-stress AND treat maskne at the same time than by visiting a MassageLuXe Spa for a professional facial. Get a facial customized to your skin type to help get rid of or prevent maskne.

For Your Stress:

  • Sleep Tight – Many of us are sleep-deprived, especially now that working/teaching/doing everything from home makes it hard to “turn off.” Make sleep a priority so you can stress less and focus more during the waking hours.
  • Stretch to Relieve Stress – If you’re working from home, homeschooling your kids, or trying to do both at the same time, you’re probably stressed out! Take a break at your desk and give your neck a stress-relieving stretch.
  • Maintain an Exercise Routine – You don’t need to hit the gym just to get the exercise you need to feel better. Exercise is an important component in your goal of stressing less — it releases all sorts of hormones that make you feel better. Take a walk or go for a jog around your neighborhood or join a virtual training program if you need motivation to exercise at home.
  • Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa – Fill up your tub with hot water, throw on some relaxing music, light an aromatherapy candle, and voila! You have yourself an at-home spa! A warm bath has the power to relax tense muscles, lower your blood pressure, and relieve joint pain.
  • Get a Professional Massage – A soothing massage will do wonders to help you relax and feel free from stress. A Swedish massage can be very gentle and relaxing, while a deep tissue massage helps relax tight muscles.

Visiting MassageLuXe monthly for routine facials and massages and following the above steps at-home between visits, you can kick stubborn maskne to the curb!

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