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How 2020 May Be Affecting Your Skin and What You Can Do

Have you noticed a change in your skin this year? Well, you are not alone. Maskne, which is acne caused by sweat, oil, and bacteria trapped under your mask, is one thing, but you may also be noticing changes in your skin’s glow or your complexion. Why? We asked one of our licensed estheticians to weigh in. Staying Inside Affects the Skin

Different Day, Same Air If you’re spending a lot of time at home, you are likely to be exposed to dry air that has been recirculated.

What you can do: Be sure to use a moisturizer with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to keep skin moisturized.

Sunshine Makes the Skin Shine Vitamin D plays a key role in the repair and reproduction of cells by boosting your immune system. This, in turn, fights off free radicals that cause cell damage. Without vitamin D, your skin will look dull and sallow. You may even see an increase in breakouts.

What you can do: Get outside for a few minutes a day or even stay close to a window (be sure not to skip the sun protection as damaging UV rays can penetrate through glass).

Put Down Your Phone – for a Minute! Increased screen time on electronics is causing wrinkles. You’re bending your neck to look down at your phone, which spurs fine lines.

What you can do: Take a break from your phone and when you can, keep your neck straight.

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Refresh your skin and let your inner glow shine with a MassageLuXe Spa facial. Our beautifying and beneficial facials are a perfect way to combat the impacts of staying indoors. MassageLuXe facials are designed to be beneficial for your skin as well as stress-reducing and calming for your mind. The MassageLuXe Spa experience offers a complete line of facials and customized treatments catered to all skin types and conditions. Stress Affects the Skin Your Body is Fighting Back When you are stressed, stress hormones are released. These hormones have an impact on your cell turnover and your immune system response. This causes inflammation in your skin.

What you can do: Set aside time for self-care to destress.

Don’t Touch Your Face People tend to pick at their skin when they are stressed. This can result in small wounds and scarring.

What you can do: Keep your nails short and try not to touch your face.

Diet and Alcohol Intake Play a Role When you are stressed, it’s natural to change your diet or drink alcohol more often. This can cause breakouts and/or dryness in your skin. 

What you can do: Increase your water intake and choose healthy foods.

Get Some ZZs When you’re stressed, it can be hard to sleep. When your sleep schedule is disrupted, it can cause breakouts, dryness, and dull skin. While you are sleeping, your skin is producing collagen, which helps your skin appear younger. Less sleep = more signs of aging.

What you can do: Find a way that helps you wind down at the end of the day (ex: bath, stretching, read a book) so that you can get the rest you and your skin needs to look it’s best.

Visit MassageLuXe to Find Relief. Our luxurious facial services will help you leave your cares behind. Skin health can relieve stress and anxiety, which improves your mental health and wellbeing. A MassageLuXe facial is the perfect way to reset your mind and, in turn, rejuvenate your skin.

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