Spa in Springfield MO surprise grandma's ahead of Mother's Day

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Spa in Springfield MO surprise grandma’s ahead of Mother’s Day

A few lucky grandmas in Springfield are being pampered at a local spa as part of a Mother's Day surprise.

MassageLuXe is giving away free massages and facials to grandmothers, like Jaye Miller, who have gone through so much during the pandemic.

"I'm real excited about this," Miller said. "My daughter's jealous. She would like it, too."

While balancing two grandchildren and caring for her elderly parents during the pandemic, Miller is thankful to be gifted her first massage and have a chance to unwind.

"This is kind of a nice treat for me to be able to maybe do something for myself," Miller said.

Chris Brown, the district manager at MassageLuXe, said clients had the chance to nominate grandmothers they felt deserved a free massage and facial.

"We just really appreciate you coming in and everything you've done for your family and hope you get to enjoy," Brown told Miller.

After last year's Mother's Day, both the staff and Miller said they're cherishing the chance to finally celebrate the holiday in person with family.

"This is going to be great!" Miller said.

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